Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tips for Planning an Event

Now that things have started to settle down from the Engagement party and I’ve pretty much put all the stuff we used away, I thought I’d give you some tips for planning a big event. This is especially important when you’re planning with other people (like another family).

Tip 1: Have a meeting with everyone at the very beginning of planning so that everyone knows the expectations and what will be happening. Try to be fairly specific about what each person’s role will be. Discuss things like money, what you will need to buy, who will do what, food, extras you need to buy and who will be invited.

Tip 2: During the planning process try to keep all the main people updated on what’s going on but also don’t tell too many people. The worst thing is when you have too many people telling you what to do.

Tip 3: You will need help on the day (if it’s an engagement party/wedding/birthday party you won’t be helping, you’ll be partying). So make sure you ask a few people to help on the day with food and setup.

Tip 4: Be over organised. You might think it’s a bit much but on the day you want to have the least to do and be relaxed. You can always have a coffee with your nearest and dearest to pass the time on the day if you’re all ready.

Tip 5: Be a good delegator. You have to tell people what you need done for setup and pack up. Know what you need done and let others know. (It’s your day, they won’t mind.)

Tip 6: Do whatever you have to do to relax before, during and after the event. It can be really hard but you won’t enjoy the day if you’re stressed to the max. (I had to take some herbal tablets to relax me, but they did work.)

I will definitely be taking my own advice as we are now getting ready to start wedding planning wooohooo!

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