Thursday, March 19, 2009

Feeling Sentimental

Just the other night I got to thinking about something, I’m going to be leaving my home once Jeff and I are married. Now don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to have my own house and be married but it’s still a weird feeling. By the time Jeff and I get married I will have lived in this house for almost 24 years. I grew up here and I’ve never had a different address or a different bedroom. Moving out will be a HUGE deal for me!

I’m really glad that I now have a new camera because I’m going to start taking photos of everything around here as a keep sake and so I can show my children someday where I grew up. I’d also like to leave something behind that is a remembrance of my living here. I mean other then the knife marks in the bench where I tried to cut passion fruit when I was 8 or marks on the bathroom roof from having such long, hot showers. 

It’s also going to be incredibly weird packing up my bedroom for the first and last time ever! Because I will be leaving my family home for the first time ever, I think that our wedding day will be extra special and emotional. I’m so excited but have mixed feelings too. I’m sure it will be weird for my parents, having an empty bedroom where I have been for 24 years. 

So 2009 will be the last time I have my birthday and Christmas in this house and I intend to really enjoy it and take plenty of pictures. I’m also very glad that I will be able to get ready here before the wedding and have my photos taken around the house. 

Nothing is forever. Everything is just for a season. It was a long season but my time here is almost over forever and I’m glad I can think back with such loving and wonderful memories of my life growing up.  

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