Sunday, March 15, 2009

February/March update

I'm a bit of a slacker with my blogging. Not a whole lot has been happening so I haven't bothered updating much. I'll give you a bit of a run down on the end of February and start of march.

Engagement Party
We had our engagement party on the 28th February 2009 as you can read about in previous posts. I spent about 2 weeks putting away all the things we used and writing thank you cards to everyone that came. I also glued all our cards in my planning book... which is now HUGE!

Jeff and I set our wedding date which we are keeping to ourselves for the time being. Because we are looking into buying a small house the date could be moved forward if things go well. We've also been trying to finallise our bridal party. I've been chatting to the girls about dresses, colours, flowers, traditions, hens nights and wedding dress shopping. We've also been looking at reception prices and trying to cut down our guest list.

This term I've only had one day of work so far but I've been calling around the schools looking for more work! I might have some longer contracts near the end of the year but for now I'm just waiting. I have 2 days coming up this week!

Making Room
We are really starting to run out of room in our house for all of Jeff's and my new house things. We've got so much that its even at Jeff's house too. On the weekend, Dad and I cleaned out the storage room in our house and threw out all the old stuff. (We found 2 old christmas trees in there!) Now all of our new house things are stored away safely in there and we can even fit more in!

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