Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine’s Day 2009

Another year has gone by and it is Valentine’s Day again, I cannot believe it. I was woken up early by Jeff (9am = early) and he gave me a cute little bag with a pink teddy. Inside the bag was a set of gorgeous pinky coloured, pearl earrings which I love! Because our printer is broken Jeff had to read his letter on the computer and I gave him money to go to the Chocolate cafe at the plaza. I so badly wanted to spend some time alone with the one I love.

We both went to the plaza with Dad to help him find clothes for our engagement party and had lunch at the coffee club. Being Valentine’s Day they had a competition where you had to write a saying about love on their napkins and you might win Coffee Club money. Ours said ‘Love is the sacrificial giving of one’s self, without the thought of return.’ I definitely think it’s a winner and the saying is so true!!!!

We ran into Rachel, Aaron, Talia and Luke at the chocolate cafe and later on we found Kevin on his lunch break. We went to the food court with him and a bird pooped on my head... yuck! After some looking around the shops, Jeff and I had afternoon tea at the chocolate cafe and it was a feast of yummmminess with just the two of us.

For dinner I made Jeff’s favourite, mushroom crepes with salad. I will have to perfect my crepe making so I can make lots of different kinds. We then went bowling with my family, the Buchanan’s, Rachel and Aaron and Carly. I didn’t win but I did get over 100 points in the last game. I must say that today has been very busy (check out photos) and I feel like I’ve totally lost track of the time in all the love. I felt very loved and I love Jeff very much!!! Each year I just feel closer and closer to Jeff and am so looking forward to being his wife.

Congratulations to Sus and Jame's who got ENGAGED!!!!!!!

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Phil said...

Fascinating story. I particularly liked the part where the bird pooed on your head.