Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sleepless night

I had a really terrible nights sleep last night, awake til 4am and awake before 7am. At the moment Jeff and I have a lot of stuff to think about, the future, our engagement party, wedding, house etc. Jeff's not a worrier or a planner really but I am. So mainly I'm the one who lies awake at night... which is silly of course.

We've been looking at houses on the coast that we could buy, figuring out loans and discussing wedding dates. It's funny how big decisions all come flooding in at once, I guess that's what happens when you get married. We've even been discussing the possibility of moving away after we've been married a little bit. So if you would like to pray for us we'd really appreciate it has we need to make some big choices.

Putting things in Perspective
In sad news I was just reading about the funeral of the off duty fireman who died last week and realised that I taught his son last year in Prep and know his wife really well from teaching with her. They were such a lovely family and it is so sad to think that a wife is left to bring up two young children alone and that two children are left with only memories of their father. My prayers and thoughts are with Jen, Riley and Brooke at this time of lose and saddness.

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