Sunday, February 1, 2009


Jeff and I travelled up to Rocky on the weekend to see his friends and help another friend move his stuff up there. My expectations we're not good and I was still telling Jeff that I didn't want to go even as we walked out the door. But it was much better then I thought. There are no dirt roads and country folk! I met heaps of Jeff's friends and they are all so lovely. In fact they all want us to move up their when we are married! I'm not that keen on that idea haha.

We started off by arriving in Rocky at 3:30pm and went to his old work. Everyone talked to us and we even had a coffee with the workers. We went back to Jeff's friend Josh's house where we stayed for the weekend. For dinner we went to Jeff's favourite Chinese with Josh, Kate and Luke. It was super yummy and I had deep fried ice cream for dessert! We spent the rest of the night looking around the city, checking out the Churches and going on the lapping track. (Much to my disgust)

The next day we went to the main shops for lunch and then to Yappon to look at the beaches and the singing ship. The ship was singing brilliantly because it was so windy which impressed me. We went to the slowest maccas ever for tea and had a movie night back at Josh's house. I somehow managed to roll in maltesers and was covered in chocolate. Yuck!

Sunday morning we went to Lighthouse Baptist for church and I met so many people. The service was great and the pastor preached on building bridges with others and talking to them at a place where they are at in life. After church we had lunch with like 10 of the church people and it was great. I got to know everyone much better and all the girls we're most impressed that they had another girl to talk too! Their all lovely people and lots of fun.

We drove back after lunch and on the way out of rocky Jeff put his police skills into practice to report a car that was parked off the road with 2 kids in it all by themselves. Their father was walking up and down the bridge looking over it. Very weird! We stopped at Jeff's Mums for dinner and got home around midnight. It was a great trip and I wouldn't mind visiting again sometime.

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