Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Godly Eyes

Lately Jeff and I have really been struggling with the issues of appropriateness of our television, movie, DVD, Music viewing. Now don't get me wrong, we certainly don't watch or listen to things which are inappropriate or offensive. We check movie ratings and try to find things that we feel are okay to watch. But even ratings can be misleading and our society is really letting things slide. PG now means nudity and swearing and M ratings can basically show whatever they like!

We've found it a real struggle to hire or go to the movies lately and I just don't think it will get any easier either. We live in a world that is filled with sin and we just can't get away from it. But at home group this week I brought up this topic and Rachel direct me to a website. http://www.pluggedinonline.com/ It gives reviews of movies, DVDs, tv shows, music and games. It is a great tool for any Christian before seeing something your unsure about.

I honestly believe we all need to have a good look at ourselves as Christians and decide what is right for us to be viewing. Reading Romans 14 is a really good ideas because its defiantly a faith issues, but one that everyone needs to pray about. The world we live in might be sliding but let's not all lose the standards that God intends us to have.


Phil said...

I gotta disagree with that site being a great tool. It seems to have a lot of negative things to say about anything - even Veggie Tales!
Hey, I'm all for such sites as this if you want to make sure that something will be alright before seeing it, but these people suck the fun out of everything.
I mean, the Veggietales "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" movie? Apparently it's bad because it was lacking in spiritual dialogue and it wasn't a retold Bible story like some of their other DVDs. I refuse to believe that the ONLY reason God gave us creativity was to retell Bible stories. That might be a good thing to do with it, but he wants us to have fun too.
And this site doesn't seem to let anyone have any fun. Again, with Veggietales: "Sedgewick blurts out, "If I run into that Robert guy, I'm going to wet myself." (It's the second time he ties bodily functions to fear.)"
A wee joke? O noez!
Another movie review warns of dialogue where someone says they'll get their "butt kicked."

Like I said, these sites are a good idea... in theory. But many of them are run by the most close-minded people in the world. To paraphrase Chalmers from Simpsons, the rod up these peoples' asses must have a rod up its ass!
I'd rather not leave my movie watching in the hands of people who can't even give Veggie Tales a clean bill of health.
I don;t know, I guess my point is, don't use this as your only guide to what to watch.

Carmy14 said...

I think you need to use your brain as well! And talk to God about what is right for you to be watching.

Bekky Nixon said...

I love you.

Now go here.

Rachel. said...

I agree with Carmen. They are a little over the top sometimes but you can tell when it is actually something offensive and when they are just going over the top.