Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Engagement Party Update

1 week and 3 days until our engagement party and we have really been overwhelmed by peoples kindness and willingness to help out on the day. Everything we needed to cook before hand is done, our engagement cake is baked and I've started packing things into boxes to take over to the church the day before. It sounds like a huge operation and really when your catering for over 100 people, it is! I'm the queen of organisation so I have lists and order happening. Truly it's the only way I can cope.
Over lunch one day the girls (Rachel, Talia and Katie) were discussing how they had a little bit of a 'freak out' after the wedding. Well I officially had a freak out last week and hopefully it will never happen again. Jeff and I have had some really big decisions to make and dates to sets. But God has really taken care of us and all is under control again.

I'm still looking for work which isn't all that easy. I dread a phone call at 6am but I also know I need to work, bit of a catch 22 there! I'd most like to get a contract rather then relief days however they do paid really well. So for now I'm home with very little to do but think and plan our wedding!

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