Monday, February 9, 2009

25 Random things about me

1. Don’t really like drinking just plain milk
2. I like sparkly things
3. Spinning on my chair and singing to music is a much enjoyed past time of mine!
4. I leave the TV on when I go to sleep
5. Mess makes me feel very stressed out so I’m never a very messy person
6. I’ve been selling stuff on ebay and so far have made about $120
7. Whenever I walk into Koroong (Christian bookshop) I just want to go nuts and spend up big
8. If I ever have to make a decision (e.g engagement plans, wedding, house) I need plenty of time to decide on my answer even if it’s the simplest thing
9. My quiet time with God this year is reading about 5 chapters each night which takes a good 30mins
10. I had a hot chocolate tonight and it had chilli in it. Was a little bit too spicy though
11. I love to wear my hair down but it drives me crazy which is why it’s always tied up
12. I MUST have a shower before I can get dressed to go out. When I get home I will always put my PJs back on. If I have to go back out again I must have a shower before getting dressed! I sound crazy haha
13. Jasmine perfume from the body shop is my smell
14. Cupcakes taste better then big cakes
15. I’m collecting gold coins
16. I really want to get married next March but don’t think we’ll have the money to do so
17. My camera comes everywhere with me and I take pictures of basically anything
18. I once ate a bug that I thought was chocolate. It was not tasty!
19. I’ve talked on the phone whilst in the bath, on the toilet and cleaning my teeth.
20. I do not have blonde hair, it is brown
21. My best thinking place is the shower
22. Ironing is horrible and I refuse to do it. I hang my washing on the line very carefully so it is flat
23. Making fresh pasta is fun but I need a new pasta maker
24. I’m dying to go wedding dress shopping!!!!!
25. I’m scared of creepy crawlies that clean pools and WILL NOT get in if there is one. It must be taken out.

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