Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Engagement Party Update

1 week and 3 days until our engagement party and we have really been overwhelmed by peoples kindness and willingness to help out on the day. Everything we needed to cook before hand is done, our engagement cake is baked and I've started packing things into boxes to take over to the church the day before. It sounds like a huge operation and really when your catering for over 100 people, it is! I'm the queen of organisation so I have lists and order happening. Truly it's the only way I can cope.
Over lunch one day the girls (Rachel, Talia and Katie) were discussing how they had a little bit of a 'freak out' after the wedding. Well I officially had a freak out last week and hopefully it will never happen again. Jeff and I have had some really big decisions to make and dates to sets. But God has really taken care of us and all is under control again.

I'm still looking for work which isn't all that easy. I dread a phone call at 6am but I also know I need to work, bit of a catch 22 there! I'd most like to get a contract rather then relief days however they do paid really well. So for now I'm home with very little to do but think and plan our wedding!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine’s Day 2009

Another year has gone by and it is Valentine’s Day again, I cannot believe it. I was woken up early by Jeff (9am = early) and he gave me a cute little bag with a pink teddy. Inside the bag was a set of gorgeous pinky coloured, pearl earrings which I love! Because our printer is broken Jeff had to read his letter on the computer and I gave him money to go to the Chocolate cafe at the plaza. I so badly wanted to spend some time alone with the one I love.

We both went to the plaza with Dad to help him find clothes for our engagement party and had lunch at the coffee club. Being Valentine’s Day they had a competition where you had to write a saying about love on their napkins and you might win Coffee Club money. Ours said ‘Love is the sacrificial giving of one’s self, without the thought of return.’ I definitely think it’s a winner and the saying is so true!!!!

We ran into Rachel, Aaron, Talia and Luke at the chocolate cafe and later on we found Kevin on his lunch break. We went to the food court with him and a bird pooped on my head... yuck! After some looking around the shops, Jeff and I had afternoon tea at the chocolate cafe and it was a feast of yummmminess with just the two of us.

For dinner I made Jeff’s favourite, mushroom crepes with salad. I will have to perfect my crepe making so I can make lots of different kinds. We then went bowling with my family, the Buchanan’s, Rachel and Aaron and Carly. I didn’t win but I did get over 100 points in the last game. I must say that today has been very busy (check out photos) and I feel like I’ve totally lost track of the time in all the love. I felt very loved and I love Jeff very much!!! Each year I just feel closer and closer to Jeff and am so looking forward to being his wife.

Congratulations to Sus and Jame's who got ENGAGED!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sleepless night

I had a really terrible nights sleep last night, awake til 4am and awake before 7am. At the moment Jeff and I have a lot of stuff to think about, the future, our engagement party, wedding, house etc. Jeff's not a worrier or a planner really but I am. So mainly I'm the one who lies awake at night... which is silly of course.

We've been looking at houses on the coast that we could buy, figuring out loans and discussing wedding dates. It's funny how big decisions all come flooding in at once, I guess that's what happens when you get married. We've even been discussing the possibility of moving away after we've been married a little bit. So if you would like to pray for us we'd really appreciate it has we need to make some big choices.

Putting things in Perspective
In sad news I was just reading about the funeral of the off duty fireman who died last week and realised that I taught his son last year in Prep and know his wife really well from teaching with her. They were such a lovely family and it is so sad to think that a wife is left to bring up two young children alone and that two children are left with only memories of their father. My prayers and thoughts are with Jen, Riley and Brooke at this time of lose and saddness.

Monday, February 9, 2009

25 Random things about me

1. Don’t really like drinking just plain milk
2. I like sparkly things
3. Spinning on my chair and singing to music is a much enjoyed past time of mine!
4. I leave the TV on when I go to sleep
5. Mess makes me feel very stressed out so I’m never a very messy person
6. I’ve been selling stuff on ebay and so far have made about $120
7. Whenever I walk into Koroong (Christian bookshop) I just want to go nuts and spend up big
8. If I ever have to make a decision (e.g engagement plans, wedding, house) I need plenty of time to decide on my answer even if it’s the simplest thing
9. My quiet time with God this year is reading about 5 chapters each night which takes a good 30mins
10. I had a hot chocolate tonight and it had chilli in it. Was a little bit too spicy though
11. I love to wear my hair down but it drives me crazy which is why it’s always tied up
12. I MUST have a shower before I can get dressed to go out. When I get home I will always put my PJs back on. If I have to go back out again I must have a shower before getting dressed! I sound crazy haha
13. Jasmine perfume from the body shop is my smell
14. Cupcakes taste better then big cakes
15. I’m collecting gold coins
16. I really want to get married next March but don’t think we’ll have the money to do so
17. My camera comes everywhere with me and I take pictures of basically anything
18. I once ate a bug that I thought was chocolate. It was not tasty!
19. I’ve talked on the phone whilst in the bath, on the toilet and cleaning my teeth.
20. I do not have blonde hair, it is brown
21. My best thinking place is the shower
22. Ironing is horrible and I refuse to do it. I hang my washing on the line very carefully so it is flat
23. Making fresh pasta is fun but I need a new pasta maker
24. I’m dying to go wedding dress shopping!!!!!
25. I’m scared of creepy crawlies that clean pools and WILL NOT get in if there is one. It must be taken out.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Godly Eyes

Lately Jeff and I have really been struggling with the issues of appropriateness of our television, movie, DVD, Music viewing. Now don't get me wrong, we certainly don't watch or listen to things which are inappropriate or offensive. We check movie ratings and try to find things that we feel are okay to watch. But even ratings can be misleading and our society is really letting things slide. PG now means nudity and swearing and M ratings can basically show whatever they like!

We've found it a real struggle to hire or go to the movies lately and I just don't think it will get any easier either. We live in a world that is filled with sin and we just can't get away from it. But at home group this week I brought up this topic and Rachel direct me to a website. It gives reviews of movies, DVDs, tv shows, music and games. It is a great tool for any Christian before seeing something your unsure about.

I honestly believe we all need to have a good look at ourselves as Christians and decide what is right for us to be viewing. Reading Romans 14 is a really good ideas because its defiantly a faith issues, but one that everyone needs to pray about. The world we live in might be sliding but let's not all lose the standards that God intends us to have.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Jeff and I travelled up to Rocky on the weekend to see his friends and help another friend move his stuff up there. My expectations we're not good and I was still telling Jeff that I didn't want to go even as we walked out the door. But it was much better then I thought. There are no dirt roads and country folk! I met heaps of Jeff's friends and they are all so lovely. In fact they all want us to move up their when we are married! I'm not that keen on that idea haha.

We started off by arriving in Rocky at 3:30pm and went to his old work. Everyone talked to us and we even had a coffee with the workers. We went back to Jeff's friend Josh's house where we stayed for the weekend. For dinner we went to Jeff's favourite Chinese with Josh, Kate and Luke. It was super yummy and I had deep fried ice cream for dessert! We spent the rest of the night looking around the city, checking out the Churches and going on the lapping track. (Much to my disgust)

The next day we went to the main shops for lunch and then to Yappon to look at the beaches and the singing ship. The ship was singing brilliantly because it was so windy which impressed me. We went to the slowest maccas ever for tea and had a movie night back at Josh's house. I somehow managed to roll in maltesers and was covered in chocolate. Yuck!

Sunday morning we went to Lighthouse Baptist for church and I met so many people. The service was great and the pastor preached on building bridges with others and talking to them at a place where they are at in life. After church we had lunch with like 10 of the church people and it was great. I got to know everyone much better and all the girls we're most impressed that they had another girl to talk too! Their all lovely people and lots of fun.

We drove back after lunch and on the way out of rocky Jeff put his police skills into practice to report a car that was parked off the road with 2 kids in it all by themselves. Their father was walking up and down the bridge looking over it. Very weird! We stopped at Jeff's Mums for dinner and got home around midnight. It was a great trip and I wouldn't mind visiting again sometime.