Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Planning Journey

Jeff and I are now of the journey of planning our engagement party and wedding. It's a very new experience and has brought alone lots of compromise, stress, happiness and excitement. It took a while but we settled on a date, time and place for the engagement party and with the help of my wonderful fiancee and awsome girlie friends, Rachel, Talia and Katie, we now have all the invites finished and a waiting posting.

If anything the engagement party is great practice for the wedding as there is heaps of things to think of. With invites finished we are now focusing on food, decorating and things we need to buy. On Thursday Jeff, Mum and myself are going to look at table cloths, cutlery and centrepiece decorations. We are also heading over to the church at some point with Jeff's mum and check out how we should set it all up for the day.

So things are coming along very nicely. We haven't thought much about the wedding (although I've been looking) and after the engagement party we will probably start looking at reception and wedding places.
Woooo its all very exciting and I'm loving it.

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