Monday, January 19, 2009


Just because you are reading this post, don't think I am having a dig at you. Or if you've ever told me your thoughts on something, don't think you have upset me at all. This is a very general blog about what I've learnt since trying to organise an engagement, wedding and the rest of my life with Jeff.

Everyone has an opinion and they think they are always right! Every time the subject of our wedding comes up, someone has some sort of advice to dish out to us. In one week I heard two completely conflicting opinions. How confusing! And of course no one is EVER wrong and every piece of advice defiantly sits well with us. If I followed every opinion I was given then I would be one very jumbled up girl. I'm learning to take on board what people tell me but not to take it personally or HAVE to believe or take it at all.

I'm very lucky to have the most wonderful friends who don't 'tell' me what I should do but rather discuss lots of ideas and try to think of things that fit with my personality or with what Jeff and I are thinking. They also don't get offended if i do something differently.

So if you have something to share with another person (especially if they are planning a wedding, event or a house) remember that just because you believe it, doesn't mean they do. Just share your ideas, don't force them. And listen to what they are thinking because they will love you for that.

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