Saturday, January 10, 2009

One day, less money!

I don't update all that much at the moment but I really would like to especially since lots of things are going on with the engagement planning. So I'm going to try really hard to update a little more.

Today Jeff was at my house early and I made us yummy breakfast, which was my bribe to get him to come shopping with me. Unfortunate God has other plans for us!!!! We made it to the BP before we realised we had a flat tyre... boohooo! Jeff changed the flat tyre but we realised that the other one of the front was down to the wire! 2hrs later we had 3 new tyres (two on the front and one in the boot), thanks Bob Jane! Obviously this cost lots of money but never mind.

Once that was sorted Jeff dropped me off with the girls (Rachel, Talia and Katie) to have lunch and a chat. This turned into 4 and half hours of lunch, coffee, dessert and chatting about everything from weddings, houses, babies, pets etc! It was the best afternoon ever and I really enjoyed just sitting and not rushing off anywhere. Girls I'm so up for another lazy afternoon ANYTIME!
Áfter our chat I'm really keen to move the wedding forward to

March 2010 but I haven't actually mentioned this to my beautiful other half. (I love you xx) I also haven't mentioned this to any parents yet so we'll see. I'm also still struggling with setting our bridal party in stone. I have ideas but it's all very complicated. It's
hard to please everyone and yourself!

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