Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Colours, Colours, Colours!

I've made this my title because today Rachel and I went to a fabric shop to look at colours for bridesmaids. We picked out some light pinks and deep purples which look beautiful. However I'm still not exactly sure which colours we should go with for our wedding! Jeff doesn't mind and I'm sort of tossing up between light blue and some sort of pink. But I still have NO idea. I think I'll have to get my wedding dress first and then think about it.
Cooking is going well. We have stacks of food now and I even had to put some in Aaron and Rachel's freezer. (Thank you!!!!) I think we will have more than enough food and it's been really fun cooking it! I made a raspberry and coconut cake last night and I think we'll be having that as our engagement cake flavour, it's yummy!

Tomorrow Jeff, myself and his mum are going to check out the church so we can start to draw up how we will set things up. That should be fun! Might have some photos of that tomorrow.

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Rachel. said...

That pink is so pretty! It's a shame they only get those types of materials in once! Hope the planning goes well!