Sunday, January 11, 2009

Church Day

Sunday for Jeff and I is always filled with church stuff all day. I love it! Today he had to work though so i went to church with Rachel and Aaron which was great. The sermon was all about eating meat hahaha! Not exactly a topic I'm into but still it was great and I learn''t a lot about Genesis and how we should treat animals.

When I got home I decieded to make fresh pizza for lunch. Yum yum! And because i'm getting old I have a cat nap (3 and half hrs long) all afternoon. We went to church at Palmwoods in the night which was great and I found it really easy to listen and focus tonight!

I'm now in the process of working out weekly costs of life as a married women so that Jeff and I can think about how much we will need to survive.... ahhhh!!!!!

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