Monday, January 19, 2009

Bumpy Ride but Happy Landing

I have lots to update you on but this title came to me on my way home from Sydney last night. We climbed on board our plane (on time which is always a surprise at airports) and made our way to the runaway. We were about to take off when the plane came to a complete stop and stayed like that for over 15mins. Eventually the captain came over the radio to inform us that there was a problem with the plane and we had to go back to get it checked/fixed. Everyone had to get off the plane and the engineers had a look. 20mins later we were back on the plane and ready to go. But after all that trouble I wasn't settled on the way home. I listened for every sound, bump and kept checking our height and out the window. Bumpy ride... you betcha but happy landing.
This leads me to this blog entry. Lately life has been quite a bit of a bumpy ride. To start things off I've been having a LOT of trouble getting a full time job and it doesn't seem that I'll get one for some time yet. We just had to pay lots of money for new tyres on the car and we are trying hard to save up for a house! Jeff has had some unwanted bank trouble and has also found out that where he works will be closing down soon. But to really put the icing on the cake, Jeff has just found out that his application to the police force has been unsuccessful and he will have to wait 1 year to re-apply. But let me tell you about the happy landing.

God is the happy landing. With our money issues God provides for us. With my job issues, God has provided me with smaller teaching jobs for the time being. With Jeff's job ending soon, God has given him a new job cleaning Banks and has given him plenty of new jobs to apply for. And most importantly with the turning down of his application, God has provided Jeff with a fresh new start and the possibly of going to uni to study. It also means that we can get married sooner if we want too and no weird working hours. What a blessing!

I was reading a great book that Rachel gave me about the first year of marriage and it said that we should thank God for everything. The good, the bad and the in between. I've been thanking God for everything and even though I know bad stuff has happened, I feel so happy and at peace. Thank you God!


michael.visser said...

it's pretty brutal to think that even 'if' there was a problem with the plane in mid-flight that you'd be unable to do a thing, unless the Hudson river is right in front of you and you're not going too fast! what an amazing video to watch.

keep hitting the press hard for a job, both of you, we're all getting slugged. I had to move states, might be time to consider something similar... the hard times haven't started.

Ashleigh said...

I was really counting on Jeff with his application and thought they would really pull through.

I am sure with in no time you 2 will have work of some kind. I have my fingers crossed for you.

Can't wait to go to your engagment party. Keep Strong. I am sure God's looking over you. XOXO