Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All You Can Eat Ice-Cream

On Monday night our home group went out for all you can eat ice-cream as a farewell party for Luke and Talia who are now well on their way to Israel for a holiday. I've NEVER in my whole life eaten so much ice cream. I ate almost 9 scoops and Jeff ate almost 15 scoops. We're a pair of fatties now! Oh and I forgot to mention the cheese burger and chips from maccas! Let's just not go there hey. Check out pics on my facebook.
Tuesday was a car day! (We seem to be having a lot of car days lately!) We had to get oil and an oil filter. Getting an oil filter for a VW polo is not as easier as it might seem but we did end up getting one and for a good price too. The 'Dobo' is now running like a dream with 3 new tyres and fresh oil.

After dinner last night I decided to try out some cake flavours for our engagement cake. We've narrowed it down to Caramel Mud Cake or Raspberry Coconut cake. I tried the caramel mud last night and it turned out SUPER yummy! And the head count of the engagement party is now at about 50 people YAY!

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