Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Colours, Colours, Colours!

I've made this my title because today Rachel and I went to a fabric shop to look at colours for bridesmaids. We picked out some light pinks and deep purples which look beautiful. However I'm still not exactly sure which colours we should go with for our wedding! Jeff doesn't mind and I'm sort of tossing up between light blue and some sort of pink. But I still have NO idea. I think I'll have to get my wedding dress first and then think about it.
Cooking is going well. We have stacks of food now and I even had to put some in Aaron and Rachel's freezer. (Thank you!!!!) I think we will have more than enough food and it's been really fun cooking it! I made a raspberry and coconut cake last night and I think we'll be having that as our engagement cake flavour, it's yummy!

Tomorrow Jeff, myself and his mum are going to check out the church so we can start to draw up how we will set things up. That should be fun! Might have some photos of that tomorrow.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Great Big Cook

Because Mum works and I may get some work before the Engagement party, we've decided to start cooking now and freeze it until the day. This way we can bring the costs down by not having to buy as much pre-made food. Yesterday we made 3 HUGE Zucchini and Pumpkin slices and today we made 40 Feta and Ricotta triangles.

We still have to cook 100 mini quiche and another batch of 40 triangles. We're also making the engagement cake and hopefully some desserts. Cheesecake and fruit, yum yum! On Wednesday Jeff's mum and I are going to check out the church to figure out where we will put everything and so she knows what it looks like to plan. It's all coming together well and I'm loving the planning.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Shopping with Mum and Jeff

Today I went shopping with Mum and Jeff to get the plates, bowls, cups and cutlery for our engagement party. It was so much fun picking out colours and what looked nice. We have fancy clear plates/bowls, blue cutlery, plastic champian glasses and take away coffee cups.

We also had a look at buying food in bulk. I'm going to make as much food as possible and freeze it until the day and whatever we can't get made we'll buy the week before. So I've got 4 weeks to make HEAPS of food. Should be good and I'm defiantly enlisting the help of the some friends!
Also I decided to try and sell some stuff on ebay. So I went through my old clothes, thing I didn't use anymore and shoes. I've listened heaps of them on ebay and hope that people will buy them!

Ebay Addict!

This week I have been totally addicted to ebay! The reason for this is that I've realised that I really need a clothes update. I don't buy new clothes very often because I'm so picky but most of my skirts have holes in them or my shirts have faded! But because Jeff and I are getting married next year and we are saving for a house, I don't have much money to spend. So far I haven't bought anything on ebay yet but I have bought a gorgeous floral dress from Jeff's sister at Portmans. It is just the cutest and I'm wearing it to our engagement party. Also to help with the costs of new clothes I'm selling some stuff on ebay. (I'm yet to sell anything haha!)

Note: In the time it took me to write this paragraph I found a really cute floral red dress for $10!!!!!!! I've placed a bid.

Jeff, Kevin and myself have found this new chocolate cafe at the plaza called Chocolateria San Churro. I'd highly recommend it however the prices are quite high. We've been their twice now for coffee and once we shared foundo yummmmm! Jeff also scored a super cheap phone from Kevin's work. He's very pleased and Kevin's pretty happy that he could find it for Jeff too.

Tomorrow we're going to buy the plates and such for the engagement party and we're making some decisions about the food e.g whether we'll cook or buy it.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Just because you are reading this post, don't think I am having a dig at you. Or if you've ever told me your thoughts on something, don't think you have upset me at all. This is a very general blog about what I've learnt since trying to organise an engagement, wedding and the rest of my life with Jeff.

Everyone has an opinion and they think they are always right! Every time the subject of our wedding comes up, someone has some sort of advice to dish out to us. In one week I heard two completely conflicting opinions. How confusing! And of course no one is EVER wrong and every piece of advice defiantly sits well with us. If I followed every opinion I was given then I would be one very jumbled up girl. I'm learning to take on board what people tell me but not to take it personally or HAVE to believe or take it at all.

I'm very lucky to have the most wonderful friends who don't 'tell' me what I should do but rather discuss lots of ideas and try to think of things that fit with my personality or with what Jeff and I are thinking. They also don't get offended if i do something differently.

So if you have something to share with another person (especially if they are planning a wedding, event or a house) remember that just because you believe it, doesn't mean they do. Just share your ideas, don't force them. And listen to what they are thinking because they will love you for that.

Bumpy Ride but Happy Landing

I have lots to update you on but this title came to me on my way home from Sydney last night. We climbed on board our plane (on time which is always a surprise at airports) and made our way to the runaway. We were about to take off when the plane came to a complete stop and stayed like that for over 15mins. Eventually the captain came over the radio to inform us that there was a problem with the plane and we had to go back to get it checked/fixed. Everyone had to get off the plane and the engineers had a look. 20mins later we were back on the plane and ready to go. But after all that trouble I wasn't settled on the way home. I listened for every sound, bump and kept checking our height and out the window. Bumpy ride... you betcha but happy landing.
This leads me to this blog entry. Lately life has been quite a bit of a bumpy ride. To start things off I've been having a LOT of trouble getting a full time job and it doesn't seem that I'll get one for some time yet. We just had to pay lots of money for new tyres on the car and we are trying hard to save up for a house! Jeff has had some unwanted bank trouble and has also found out that where he works will be closing down soon. But to really put the icing on the cake, Jeff has just found out that his application to the police force has been unsuccessful and he will have to wait 1 year to re-apply. But let me tell you about the happy landing.

God is the happy landing. With our money issues God provides for us. With my job issues, God has provided me with smaller teaching jobs for the time being. With Jeff's job ending soon, God has given him a new job cleaning Banks and has given him plenty of new jobs to apply for. And most importantly with the turning down of his application, God has provided Jeff with a fresh new start and the possibly of going to uni to study. It also means that we can get married sooner if we want too and no weird working hours. What a blessing!

I was reading a great book that Rachel gave me about the first year of marriage and it said that we should thank God for everything. The good, the bad and the in between. I've been thanking God for everything and even though I know bad stuff has happened, I feel so happy and at peace. Thank you God!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


My lovely Jeff took me shopping today to buy some of the decorations for our engagement party. He's also very keen to be involved in buying everything which is great! We're having a garden party so we want everything to be light in colour and 'pretty'. We've looked around for quite a while and decided on glass fish bowls with pink Lillie's and white lanterns with a pink Lilly inside. I'm so happy that we've found everything we wanted and they look great. We are also planning to use the lanterns at the wedding.

Tomorrow I'm going to Sydney for 3 days to visit Chris and spend some time with him and my family. It should be good and will be fun to see where Jeff proposed. So I'll update all about my holiday when I get back. Farewell.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All You Can Eat Ice-Cream

On Monday night our home group went out for all you can eat ice-cream as a farewell party for Luke and Talia who are now well on their way to Israel for a holiday. I've NEVER in my whole life eaten so much ice cream. I ate almost 9 scoops and Jeff ate almost 15 scoops. We're a pair of fatties now! Oh and I forgot to mention the cheese burger and chips from maccas! Let's just not go there hey. Check out pics on my facebook.
Tuesday was a car day! (We seem to be having a lot of car days lately!) We had to get oil and an oil filter. Getting an oil filter for a VW polo is not as easier as it might seem but we did end up getting one and for a good price too. The 'Dobo' is now running like a dream with 3 new tyres and fresh oil.

After dinner last night I decided to try out some cake flavours for our engagement cake. We've narrowed it down to Caramel Mud Cake or Raspberry Coconut cake. I tried the caramel mud last night and it turned out SUPER yummy! And the head count of the engagement party is now at about 50 people YAY!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Church Day

Sunday for Jeff and I is always filled with church stuff all day. I love it! Today he had to work though so i went to church with Rachel and Aaron which was great. The sermon was all about eating meat hahaha! Not exactly a topic I'm into but still it was great and I learn''t a lot about Genesis and how we should treat animals.

When I got home I decieded to make fresh pizza for lunch. Yum yum! And because i'm getting old I have a cat nap (3 and half hrs long) all afternoon. We went to church at Palmwoods in the night which was great and I found it really easy to listen and focus tonight!

I'm now in the process of working out weekly costs of life as a married women so that Jeff and I can think about how much we will need to survive.... ahhhh!!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


At long last we have posted our invites!!!! If you are the lucky recipient of one of these gorgeous invitations could you please take note of the RSVP so we know our numbers.
Big thanks to Rachel, Talia and Katie for their help with these, they look great!

And on a side note, I STILL can't stop looking down at my finger with a ring on it! So amazing. Thank you Jeff :D Check out more engagement planning pics here (I'll continue to update them)

One day, less money!

I don't update all that much at the moment but I really would like to especially since lots of things are going on with the engagement planning. So I'm going to try really hard to update a little more.

Today Jeff was at my house early and I made us yummy breakfast, which was my bribe to get him to come shopping with me. Unfortunate God has other plans for us!!!! We made it to the BP before we realised we had a flat tyre... boohooo! Jeff changed the flat tyre but we realised that the other one of the front was down to the wire! 2hrs later we had 3 new tyres (two on the front and one in the boot), thanks Bob Jane! Obviously this cost lots of money but never mind.

Once that was sorted Jeff dropped me off with the girls (Rachel, Talia and Katie) to have lunch and a chat. This turned into 4 and half hours of lunch, coffee, dessert and chatting about everything from weddings, houses, babies, pets etc! It was the best afternoon ever and I really enjoyed just sitting and not rushing off anywhere. Girls I'm so up for another lazy afternoon ANYTIME!
Áfter our chat I'm really keen to move the wedding forward to

March 2010 but I haven't actually mentioned this to my beautiful other half. (I love you xx) I also haven't mentioned this to any parents yet so we'll see. I'm also still struggling with setting our bridal party in stone. I have ideas but it's all very complicated. It's
hard to please everyone and yourself!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Planning Journey

Jeff and I are now of the journey of planning our engagement party and wedding. It's a very new experience and has brought alone lots of compromise, stress, happiness and excitement. It took a while but we settled on a date, time and place for the engagement party and with the help of my wonderful fiancee and awsome girlie friends, Rachel, Talia and Katie, we now have all the invites finished and a waiting posting.

If anything the engagement party is great practice for the wedding as there is heaps of things to think of. With invites finished we are now focusing on food, decorating and things we need to buy. On Thursday Jeff, Mum and myself are going to look at table cloths, cutlery and centrepiece decorations. We are also heading over to the church at some point with Jeff's mum and check out how we should set it all up for the day.

So things are coming along very nicely. We haven't thought much about the wedding (although I've been looking) and after the engagement party we will probably start looking at reception and wedding places.
Woooo its all very exciting and I'm loving it.