Wednesday, December 3, 2008

29th November 2008

This will defiantly be a date that I wont ever forget because Jeff at long last got down on one knee and proposed to me YAY!!!!! I was totally tricked into thinking we were going to Sydney to celebrate Rachel and Aaron’s and Talia and Luke’s one year wedding anniversaries. Turns out that was only part of the reason we went. Everyone already knew that he was going to propose. He had even asked my parents for permission a month or so before hand. He’s such a good boy!

So here is how the whole night panned out…!

We all decided that Saturday night would be a date night for everyone. So at 3pm Jeff and I headed back to his sisters house to get ready. Rachel, Aaron, Talia and Luke went there ways later on because they all stayed together.

Jeff and I got ready and he called a taxi to pick us up. Just as we were about to leave he gave me a beautiful pink rose in a case and a really sweet card. We headed into the city to a restaurant called Est (The Establishment). I knew we were going for dinner there and was very impressed at how beautiful the place was. We had the best table in the house right next to the huge big window that looked out onto the street. As I was looking at the menu the manager of the restaurant present me with a huge bunch of roses and lilies and another lovely card from Jeff. I was so overwhelmed.

We had the most gorgeous dinner topped off by a chocolate dessert which was GREAT! When it was time to leave Jeff made me close my eyes and walked me to the taxi which was waiting outside for us. I wasn’t allowed to open my eyes until he told me. When I opened them we were standing on the Sydney harbour about to get onto a boat. But not just any boat, a water limousine. Spifffffyyy!

Jeff helped me on boat and we went on a lovely cruise around the harbour, past the opera house, past the bridge and all around. I remember the water was sparkling like I’d never seen before. The driver stopped the boat in the middle of the harbour and Jeff told me to stand up so I would see the bridge and the Opera house together. When I stood up, he got down on one knee. He presented me with my ring and asked me to marry him. WOOOHOOO! Of course I said yes. It was amazing. The boat driver was so happy that he took pictures of us too and is emailing them to us. He told us that his 9 year old daughter wanted to see the people that got engaged on his boat. Awwww so cute. Oh and Jeff also gave me another HUGE bunch of lilies and roses on the boat.

When we got off the boat I rang EVERYONE I could possible call. Talia and Luke met up with us first and Rachel and Aaron came next. We went and had coffee at a nice café just over from the harbour and everyone helped me carry my 2 huge bunches of lilies and roses and my single pink rose.

After coffee it was raining pretty badly so the others went home. Jeff’s sister picked us up and we went to darling harbour for more coffee and a chat which was great. It was the most special and wonderful weekend ever! I’m so happy and I love being engaged to Jeffrey.