Saturday, November 8, 2008

November the Great

I wanted to let everyone know that November is a great month. There is a few reasons for this. First of all its my birthday YAY! 12th November so don't forget. It's also most christmas time which means decorations, christmas carols and present buying/making.

This year for my birthday I'm just having dinner with my family sometime during the week and as a little treat I am going to Sydney wooohoo. I'm quite exciting! I'm also apparently having a party... I know nothing about.

As for christmas time, I'm looking forward to decorating our tree and house. I'm also planning out christmas presents for everyone. I love cooking something each year so I wont say too much or you will all know exactly what it is. Christmas time is such fun.

I hope that everyone enjoys November as much as I do. And it's getting warm!

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