Thursday, October 30, 2008

On My Desk

I took this idea from Talia's blog because I thought it was interesting to read about. I'm going to tell you everything that is on my desk and why it is there. You will pretty much have an idea of what I've been doing lately from this.

- Post it notes with phone numbers of mechanics
- Letter from EQ to re-register as a supply teacher for 2009
- School diary and planning folder
- Slide show print out about handwriting
- Jeff's pocket chopsticks
- Car engine diagram printouts
- Chocolate coated coffee beans
- My phone
- CDs
- A stick of ram
- Teddies I won from claw machines (or people have won for me)
- A pen holder with pens

So as you can see my life is full of school stuff and Jeff's car stuff. Not so exciting at the moment!

1 comment:

Talia said...

I love this Carmen. :-) And it's not too boring!! I will have to chat to you soon about what I need to know for supply teaching!! Scary stuff!!

What about the picture of your desk!? I wanna see these toys you talk about... I am always so bad at winning them...