Thursday, October 30, 2008

On My Desk

I took this idea from Talia's blog because I thought it was interesting to read about. I'm going to tell you everything that is on my desk and why it is there. You will pretty much have an idea of what I've been doing lately from this.

- Post it notes with phone numbers of mechanics
- Letter from EQ to re-register as a supply teacher for 2009
- School diary and planning folder
- Slide show print out about handwriting
- Jeff's pocket chopsticks
- Car engine diagram printouts
- Chocolate coated coffee beans
- My phone
- CDs
- A stick of ram
- Teddies I won from claw machines (or people have won for me)
- A pen holder with pens

So as you can see my life is full of school stuff and Jeff's car stuff. Not so exciting at the moment!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Carmy Life Update

My blogging has become rather lacking as of late. That's because I've been busy with teaching. I thought I'd give you an update on what I do exactly and about all the other interesting things that have been happening around here.

My job at school is basicy to fill in non-contact time for teachers and in some cases act as an extra teacher during busy times. My days are full on as I made all over the place, teaching different subjects. I'm also assessing, planning and observing children so time flys everyday. I'm really enjoying it and have been very well welcomed as a member of staff. Each day is different and brings about new challenges!

Things are going GREAT for Jeff. His application to the police force has gone through and he's up to the last exam and interview during November. All going well he'll be a new recruit in December which would be brilliant! His car is still having work done on it but he has got someone interested in test driving. We are praying it will be sold very soon!

Not a lot else has been happening really. It's almost my birthday and it's almost Christmas which is great. The end of the year is always lots of fun. But working full time and having a social life is catching up on me as I have a rotten cold and I'm pretty much exhausted. I'm tossing up taking a sick day tomorrow to get completely better but not sure just yet!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Loosing Tradition

Tonight I’ve been having a look through the wedding photos from my friend’s weddings and just a general look on google at wedding pictures. This got me thinking about weddings and marriage in general and it’s quite disappointing that getting married and having a wedding has lost its traditional value and meaning in our society.

When you are planning a wedding there is a lot to think about which I am definitely looking forward to someday (soon I hope) but amongst the dress, flowers, ceremony, cars, rings, suits and other arrangements I really sense that we’ve lost the reason for actually having a wedding and yet it is such a beautiful concept.

The father walks his daughter down the isle handing over something that is so precious to him to a man who loves his daughter and is going to take care of her for the rest of his life, make her his life. A public declaration of two peoples love for one another and the committing to one another for the rest of their lives.

I believe that marriage is almost a ‘trend’ in our society and not a lifetime commitment. When Jeff and I get married someday it will be a lifetime commitment protected and bond in strength by our Lord God and with our love for one another.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Holidays are Over :(

Sadly it is the last day of the school holidays and I have to start back at work tomorrow. I'm stil not exactly sure what I will be doing but tomorrow I'll find out so its kind of exciting. I wish that I didn't dread the first day back so much because I know all will be good and I'll settle back into loving my teaching... but it's still hard as holidays are great!

I thought I'd give you a short recap on my 2 weeks off because I did do quite a bit. Also I'm going to put pictures on facebook so check them out.

- I got my hair cut

- Dinner at the beach

- Bowling

- Coffee out many times

- Lunch, coffee, dog park, wedding talk, dinner and movies with Aaron & Rachel and Luke & Talia

- Jeff's car is up for sale WOOHOO!

- Jeff bought Rachel's cute Polo!

- I went with Rachel to pick up her Yarris who I named Max

- Working on Jeff's car so it will sell

- Canoeing with the Buchanan's, West's and my family

- Mum and I went to a Guy Sebastian concert

- Church and dinner with Jeff's friend Josh

We probly did other things but thats all I can think of at the moment!!!! Been busy.