Saturday, September 20, 2008

School Holidays!

At last they are here and I am so glad. Also what perfect weather to have holidays, it's the best! So i'm a bit of a spoiled girl. On my last day of school the kids made me a pretty breed braclet and I got offered a full time job for next term YAY!

My Job
I'm going to be here there and everywhere around the school. I'm mainly helping teach both prep classes as the teachers have almost 30 kids in each class. I'm also going to be doing NCT (non contact time) for the lower school. I don't have all the details yet but I'll most likely have a timetable for each day. I'm wondering how I'll go working everyday for 10 weeks, but i'm sure I can handle it.

My wonderful boyfriend Jeff also suprised me with two bunches of flowers on Saturday morning and took me out for breakfast to Maccas (because I love the pancakes haha.) Rachel and Aaron also came over for dinner on Saturday night and we have homemade pizza yum yum!

The weather is fantastic and it's holidays wooohooo!!!!

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