Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Real Teacher

This has been my first week teaching on my contract. I'm loving it! I don't have much of a plan to follow so I can basically do whatever I feel like. This is some of the things we've gotten up to.

Father's Day Presents
I decided that we've make chocolate chip cookies for Father's Day and attach a card with ribbon. So today we cooked all day and made STACKS of cookies. We're going to wrap them up tomorrow. The kids loved cooking and I think that I might even make it a regular thin in my classroom one day. I like the idea of doing a healthy snake once a week.

Science Experiments
The kids in my class are doing a science Life Task at the moment so once a week we get to do an experiment. This week we did one called 'What Will Dissolve'. The kids loved it and we had no trouble writing it up. We have two more science afternoons so if you have any ideas let me know.

Since its spring time my class made handprint flowers and handprint butterflies as a display in our room. They look great but I'm never letting them near glitter again!!!

The teachers that i'm working with in my block are really nice and I feel so supported. Everyone treats me like a teacher which is so different from when I did my internship. So things are going great for me. I even have one day of teaching after the holidays as well at a different school so hopefully some contracts might come up there as well.

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