Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2 Days to Go

I cannot believe it, I only have 2 days left of my 3 week contract. I'm actually quite sad as this class is brilliant and I've had such fun. I've learnt a lot about teaching and how to deal with difficult troubles in and out of the classroom, other staff and students. I'm defiantly loving being a teacher.

This week has been art weeks and so far we have made different types of masks, photo frames, leaf wreaths, a life sized person (I'll have to take a picture), paper flowers and veggie people. Some days I come home thinking 'I can't believe they pay me to have that much fun!'

Jeff and I have made some picture purchases this week. We bought 2 sets of towels, 2 sets of summer sheets, place mats, a table runner and some stationary stuff. My glory box/cupboard/several rooms is totally taking over the house and I'm going to have to move some into Jeff's house very soon. I love to just look through everything and think about where I'd put it all in our own house.

On the house front we have defiantly decided that we'd much rather buy land and build a house OR buy a house rather than paying rent. So we are saving lots of money at the moment so that this will be possible. It's all very exciting!!!!!!!!

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