Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Garden Update

No photos for this blog I'm afraid for two reasons. My camera isn't working very well and I'm using my laptop which does not contain any of my photos. So use your imagination!

Talia's Green Thumb video blog has inspired me to tell you about how my veggie garden is going. Good news mostly as my celery and spring onions are big and healthy. My carrots and parsnip are still very small but are all going well. Sad news for my peas as most of the plants have died however the ones which have survived are doing well and I'm hoping will produce plenty of peas.

On the weekend I'm planning on extending the garden to add some spring veggies. I'm planting pumpkin, watermellon, potatos, onions, tomatos, sweet corn, brocoli and culiflower. However first I have to dig up a new patch to plant them.

This term I've averaged two days a week supply teaching however this week I will have worked 3 days. Possibly more if I get days on Thursday and Friday. I must say I'm quite enjoying it and the work isn't really that hard. I've got a lot of strategies for dealing with classes and always have an activity on hand to fill in the time.

Steam Cleaner
For quite a while now Jeff and I have been discussing the idea of buying a steam cleaner. We felt that it would allow us to clean (when we have our own house one day) without harmful chemicals. So we found one of ebay for really cheap and it arrived. The bathroom at my house looks great now and it even cleans the carpets perfectly.

Bible Studies
Jeff and I were able to go to Talia and Lukes for a bible study the other night, than we had one at my house as well. Both were excellent and I felt that I learnt so much from each person that shared their thoughts. Both Jeff and I are hoping that we can make it to even more study nights and hopefully have some more at my house in the future.

Not a lot else to share at the moment as I am basicly just taking any work that I get and spending time with Jeff and my friends.

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