Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Phone Call Day

Today I am officially calling 'The Phone Call Day'. I have had so many people ring today, Jeff, Rachel, Mum, Mum's friend, Ring shop, dry cleaning shop and 2 telemarketers. Insane! I haven't updated in a while because I've been pretty busy unpacking, cleaning up things, going out, shopping, church etc. School starts back next week so I'm hoping to get a fair bit of work during this term. I've been helping Jeff to fill out his police forms and they are such a big job! So many details that need to be given to them like all the houses you've lived in since he was 10. There is a lot!

The girls trip to Sydney was GREAT! We had sunshine for the whole time, it only rained on the day we went home. Being winter it was freezing and I mean FREEZING. Very windy as well. Our apartment was on the 74 floor in the highest hotel in Sydney and had the most wonderful view I have ever seen. We could see the coastline! During our time we went to the harbour, The Rocks, shopping, Bondi, Manly, pancakes, Luna park, visited my friend Phil, China town. Patty's markets, Darling Harbour and more shopping. We also drank a lot of coffee. Check out the pictures by going to my facebook here and also here.

Today I've been trying to motivate myself to do some more scrapbooking. I got a little disheartened because the glue on the back of the pictures make them blurry a bit. So I now have double sided tape to try. I think it will be such easier.

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