Tuesday, July 1, 2008


At long last I have officially graduated from CQU with a Bachelor of Learning Management! Today was the graduation which was well not really that exciting, its good to be finished though. I got to wear the gown and the hat and all. I wouldn’t say I enjoy those sort of events but it’s nice that I was able to go.

It feels great to know that I now have a degree and no matter what I can always go and do teaching (as long as the BLM stands for something in other places). Facebook is the place to visit to see some photos

Also in 8 and half hours myself, Mum, Rachel, Kathryn and Mrs B head on off to Sydney for 2 nights for a girls holiday. I’m really looking forward to it and even though I’m getting up at 3am I just can’t get off to sleep. So I’ll bring back lots of pictures as well!


Jeffrey said...

I WILL MISS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I HOPE YOU MISS ME !!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Poiter Wilson said...

well done...

Anonymous said...


Now you'll be forever explaining what a Bachelor of Learning Management is


hopefully see you soon