Thursday, July 31, 2008

Women's Work

Lately I have been thinking about about being a wife and their role in the relationship. I've heard a lot of opinions on what a wife should do but I don't totally agree with some of them. My parents both work 5 days a week however I don't think that this will be me exactly. I know that the world we live in today is VERY expensive and we need a house, food, cars and will most likely have children etc. However to understand my point of thinking, you need to read Provers 31 in the bible.
I don't think God ever really intended women who are married to work full time, rather take care of the house, her husband and children. Maybe this sounds boring however God's word says 'Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates' Proverbs 31:31. What a wonderful promise. I'm sure that God has got many blessing in store for a faithful and hard working wife.

So lets got practical! How can one family survive on one income with expenses such as a mortgage, food bills, power & water bills, Internet, phone, pets and maybe even children??? Here is some ideas to help!

Start a vege patch with the essentials

Have a herb garden

Make your own bread

Cook your own snacks (i make muesli bars)

Cook from scratch (its far cheaper)

Plan out your meals for the week so you don't over buy at the shops

Look around for cheap fruit and veg

Plan out your car travel and use public transport when possible.

With the saving you make from food you can always put towards a mortgage, power bills, Internet etc. Healthier food, a lovely house to come home too and lower stress levels will help to create a happier and more relaxed household which in my opinion no amount of money can buy!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Boring Bug

Thats right, as of late I've caught the boring bug and it sucks! Not only am I bored but I'm not motivated to do anything either. I have plenty of ideas of things to do but I can't be bothered. And this got me thinking about life in general, sometimes life is boring! I don't think God intends for earth to be a wonderful and exciting place all the time or we wouldn't want to go to heaven one day.

This also got me thinking about marriage. Now as you know, Jeff and I are getting closer to getting married and I think that the media does a real diservice to all people however especially to those considering marriage. We have to remember that life is NEVER like the media portrays it, we do have to go through the good, bad and boring and thats when I think true love comes in. True love is sticking by someone when things are less than exciting. Its easy to think that marriage will change everything and that you will never be bored again, after all the lead up to the marriage is huge. Rings, proposal, engagment party, hens/bucks nights, reherslas, dress fittings, planning, wedding day, gift etc etc. But after that you actually have to live together, love one another and face life!

When I see married people on TV or in magazines they are always going out, having fun and have exciting things happening 24/7 but thats not really how it works out. BUT as a clever friend of mine once said to me, just because your bored doesn't mean you have to stay that way. You always have the power to change whats happening around you.

So here is a few ideas that I have for flighting off the boring bug!

Spend time with God

Cook something yummy

Do something special for a friend

Write a letter to the one you love

Look at old pictures

Watch an old movie

Play with your pet

Find a hobbie you enjoy

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Phone Call Day

Today I am officially calling 'The Phone Call Day'. I have had so many people ring today, Jeff, Rachel, Mum, Mum's friend, Ring shop, dry cleaning shop and 2 telemarketers. Insane! I haven't updated in a while because I've been pretty busy unpacking, cleaning up things, going out, shopping, church etc. School starts back next week so I'm hoping to get a fair bit of work during this term. I've been helping Jeff to fill out his police forms and they are such a big job! So many details that need to be given to them like all the houses you've lived in since he was 10. There is a lot!

The girls trip to Sydney was GREAT! We had sunshine for the whole time, it only rained on the day we went home. Being winter it was freezing and I mean FREEZING. Very windy as well. Our apartment was on the 74 floor in the highest hotel in Sydney and had the most wonderful view I have ever seen. We could see the coastline! During our time we went to the harbour, The Rocks, shopping, Bondi, Manly, pancakes, Luna park, visited my friend Phil, China town. Patty's markets, Darling Harbour and more shopping. We also drank a lot of coffee. Check out the pictures by going to my facebook here and also here.

Today I've been trying to motivate myself to do some more scrapbooking. I got a little disheartened because the glue on the back of the pictures make them blurry a bit. So I now have double sided tape to try. I think it will be such easier.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


At long last I have officially graduated from CQU with a Bachelor of Learning Management! Today was the graduation which was well not really that exciting, its good to be finished though. I got to wear the gown and the hat and all. I wouldn’t say I enjoy those sort of events but it’s nice that I was able to go.

It feels great to know that I now have a degree and no matter what I can always go and do teaching (as long as the BLM stands for something in other places). Facebook is the place to visit to see some photos

Also in 8 and half hours myself, Mum, Rachel, Kathryn and Mrs B head on off to Sydney for 2 nights for a girls holiday. I’m really looking forward to it and even though I’m getting up at 3am I just can’t get off to sleep. So I’ll bring back lots of pictures as well!