Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Working Week

This week I have a few different things to share about. Things are just usual, working a few days a week and doing stuff around the house the rest of the time.

New Phone
So at last I got a new mobile phone. Its the same one as I had before because i really like it and it was cheap. So i've been adding pictures and new ringtones. I also got Jeff to help me get the pictures off my old phone at last!
Today I minded Aaron and Rachel's new puppy Shadow. It was such fun but alot of work. He's a really cutey and likes to chew everything. He also peed in different places. I'm really looking forward to getting a puppy one day (and a kitty as well).

Finding full time work for me has been very difficult for two reasons. 1. is that there really isn't many positions in primary school on the coast. 2. I can't drive so the school i can go to are very limited and I can't go out west. Also a few problem has come up where I might not be able to work without a teacher aid as EQ is worried about the safety of the children if I can't see them very well. So i'm praying that God is going to find me a job somewhere. At the moment it looks like I might be doing a 6 week contract next term to be assessed with my vision in the classroom. This is of course in its very early stages so who knows what will happen.

Closer to a house
After much prayer we've decided not to buy Songbird place even though we LOVE IT! Rather we are going to save, save, save and when we can afford to get a loan we'll look into it. After all if God wants us to have songbird place than he'll make it happen.

Love, Love, Love
My lovely boyfriend Jeff is great. He's been working very hard and I'm so proud of him. I'm a terrible person in the mornings and don't like to wake up. So this week I've been getting up at 6:30am (3 times so far) and making him breakfast before he goes to work! This also means that I can be awake to answer the phone if I get work. However I'm not enjoying the waking up!


Talia said...

Where are you living if you can make Jeff breakfast every morning. Be careful Carmy. We love you.

Carmy14 said...

I live at my house! Jeff just stays over sometimes or comes by before work.