Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tea Pots

Not a very interesting subject I know but I wanted to share with you my brand new tea pot. Today a package arrived at the post office for me (Woo i love getting mail) and inside was a present from a friend of Jeffrey's and mine. She'd been to sydney and bought us a tea pot. I think its really cool and love it!

This got me thinking and this is such a silly subject but still. Have you ever had someone buy you something and you love it BUT its not a very nice colour or the shape isn't what you'd like? So i was most suprised when this tea pot arrived becuase I love the shape, the colour and I love that its a bit different!!! I'd also just been thinking about the fact that the one I have is a little bit small and that I might need another one.

So this is why I have started to collect things for my house one day (jeff's too). I'll be the first to admit that I'm fussy, picky and too organised but I can't help it. Already I have most of the kitchen things (actually i pretty much have everything) and I have a book full of lists of things that I need to get. Everyone keeps telling me not to buy things because Jeff and I will get heaps for the engagment and wedding but I can't help it. I want everything to match and I want things that Jeff and I like. When we do get married we're going to spend some time making up a website of things we have and gift ideas of things we'd really like but like most people have told us, money will be the best gift.

In other news, I've worked 3 relief days this week teaching prep, Year 6/7 and another prep class. I half dread the phone ringing in the morning because I"ll have to work... but its got its good points too.

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