Monday, June 2, 2008

Raining Again

This has been a week of rain and sickness. Both Jeff and I have been sick with a cold, Jeff is home from work at the moment as he’s not very well. There has also been quite a bit of flooding around my house and the local roads! It’s been great cuddling up in bed weather!!! Kitty has been enjoying all the attention she’s been getting since we haven’t gone out much.

After church on Sunday we went to Coolum to check out where Jeff’s brother and his partner are planning on getting married and having their reception. They want the ceremony outside near the beach which is so beautiful. And their venue is on the rooftop of a hotel with STUNNING views as you can see in the picture!

Of course lots of wedding plans where tossed around that day which got Jeff and I thinking about what we want. Gardens, churches, flowers, colours, cars, dresses, rings, travel etc etc… what to have!!!! I’ve collected a few pictures of things I really like. We’ve also been discussing houses and loans. At the moment we have decided that we want to buy a piece of land and build a small house that we could later extend. I found a gorgeous place in Mooloolah called Songbird Place. I LOVE the name and what a fantastic address. We are also considering the idea of getting a loan before we are married and beginning to pay it off early but for now its just saving, saving, saving!

On the diamond front, we’ve not looked much more but are planning on heading down to Brisbane at some point to have a look around and I’m hoping some friends might come too!!! Oh and we found our knife set online for 50% off!!!!


Talia said...

If you want someone to go shopping, I am more then willing!!
Been wanting to go to Brissie lately, so there you go!

Carmy14 said...

Excellent!!!!! I was thinking of asking you and Rachel as well! What a fun day that would be!!!

Rachel. said...

YAY! Mee tooo!