Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tea Pots

Not a very interesting subject I know but I wanted to share with you my brand new tea pot. Today a package arrived at the post office for me (Woo i love getting mail) and inside was a present from a friend of Jeffrey's and mine. She'd been to sydney and bought us a tea pot. I think its really cool and love it!

This got me thinking and this is such a silly subject but still. Have you ever had someone buy you something and you love it BUT its not a very nice colour or the shape isn't what you'd like? So i was most suprised when this tea pot arrived becuase I love the shape, the colour and I love that its a bit different!!! I'd also just been thinking about the fact that the one I have is a little bit small and that I might need another one.

So this is why I have started to collect things for my house one day (jeff's too). I'll be the first to admit that I'm fussy, picky and too organised but I can't help it. Already I have most of the kitchen things (actually i pretty much have everything) and I have a book full of lists of things that I need to get. Everyone keeps telling me not to buy things because Jeff and I will get heaps for the engagment and wedding but I can't help it. I want everything to match and I want things that Jeff and I like. When we do get married we're going to spend some time making up a website of things we have and gift ideas of things we'd really like but like most people have told us, money will be the best gift.

In other news, I've worked 3 relief days this week teaching prep, Year 6/7 and another prep class. I half dread the phone ringing in the morning because I"ll have to work... but its got its good points too.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


The kids at school are always learning best when they can do hands on activities and discover things by 'doing'. Well i totally believe that we never grow out of this and we discover the best ways to do things by actually 'doing' them and even making mistakes with them.

Tonight i decided to make my own fresh bread, not because we needed bread but because I wanted to see if I could actually do it. Turns out I can make bread and it was such a great achievement. If you want to give it a try its actually not that difficult, this is what I did.

3 and half cups of plain flour
1 sachet dried Yeast
1 teaspoon salt
1 and half cups lukewarm water (too hot will kill the yeast)
some melted butter for brushing the bread and greasing the pan

1. combind the flour, yeast and salt in a bowl.

2. Make a well in the middle and pour in the lukewarm water. Mix together til a dough forms
3. On a floured surface knead for about 5mins. When you can press a finger print in and it pops back out than its done. (Kneading mixs the yeast through properly so its important)

4. Brush the sides of a large bowl with melted butter and roll your dough around it so you lightly cover the sides of it (this stops the dough from drying out while it sits). Leave it to sit in a warm, dry places for about 1hrs or until its doubled in size. (In and oven that is off and not still hot is a good place)

5. After an hour take it out of the bowl and punch the dough once (this released the extra air) knead the dough on the floured surface until its back to its orignal size.

6. Break into two even pieces and mould into a small of the same shape.

7. Grease a loaf sized pan with the melted butter and put in the two pieces of dough, side by side. Brush with a little butter on top.

8. Cover with plastic and let them sit in a dry, warm place for 30mins (they will rise again)

9. Brush with water and add seeds of your choice.

10. Cook in the oven for 30mins. (Tap the bottom when its done and if its hollow than its cooked)

11. Take out of loaf pan straight away and rest til its cool and ready to cut.

In other news Jeff gets his car today so if anyone knows someone who wants to buy a black skyline than please give them my number!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Working Week

This week I have a few different things to share about. Things are just usual, working a few days a week and doing stuff around the house the rest of the time.

New Phone
So at last I got a new mobile phone. Its the same one as I had before because i really like it and it was cheap. So i've been adding pictures and new ringtones. I also got Jeff to help me get the pictures off my old phone at last!
Today I minded Aaron and Rachel's new puppy Shadow. It was such fun but alot of work. He's a really cutey and likes to chew everything. He also peed in different places. I'm really looking forward to getting a puppy one day (and a kitty as well).

Finding full time work for me has been very difficult for two reasons. 1. is that there really isn't many positions in primary school on the coast. 2. I can't drive so the school i can go to are very limited and I can't go out west. Also a few problem has come up where I might not be able to work without a teacher aid as EQ is worried about the safety of the children if I can't see them very well. So i'm praying that God is going to find me a job somewhere. At the moment it looks like I might be doing a 6 week contract next term to be assessed with my vision in the classroom. This is of course in its very early stages so who knows what will happen.

Closer to a house
After much prayer we've decided not to buy Songbird place even though we LOVE IT! Rather we are going to save, save, save and when we can afford to get a loan we'll look into it. After all if God wants us to have songbird place than he'll make it happen.

Love, Love, Love
My lovely boyfriend Jeff is great. He's been working very hard and I'm so proud of him. I'm a terrible person in the mornings and don't like to wake up. So this week I've been getting up at 6:30am (3 times so far) and making him breakfast before he goes to work! This also means that I can be awake to answer the phone if I get work. However I'm not enjoying the waking up!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Yet another week has gone by!

My bloggingness is very slack as of late. All I really have to write about is whats been happening during my week! I've done alot which is good and I've also picked up a second bout of the flu... ewww!

Talia had her 21st birthday party on Saturday night which was fantastic! Their new house is looking amazing, I can't wait to have my own place someday! Talia and Luke had decorated their house with candles, fairy lights, sparkles and balloons. It looked great!

Jeff and I have found a some land that we REALLY want. Its called Songbird Place and I just love the name so much. However its very expensive and well yeah, loans suck! So we are thinking and praying about it. Either way we'll just do what God wants.

We've also been doing a little more ring shopping YAY! I know what i like and now want to find a cheaper way to get it. So we're looking into getting our rings made somewhere. If you know anywhere good than let me know. Oh and I've got a little more teaching work, one half day and one whole day in prep!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So Blessed

Tonight I’ve been looking through all of my parents photographs of them before they had Chris and I, building their house and basically their lives and family. I’ve been doing this as I’ve just started my scrapbook all about my life so far and want photos for it. But it really got me thinking about my life.

I’m really excited about all of the amazing things ahead of me and I just realized the HUGENESS of the blessing which I have been given. I have a great family, I’ve got a God who loves me everyday no matter what, I have a wonderful boyfriend, I’ve been taught to have good values, I live in a great part of the world and I have nothing to worry about as God says he will provide all! How amazing is that!!! But some of the things I am most looking forward to are…

- Being proposed too
- Being engaged
- Planning Jeff’s and my wedding
- Having a wedding
- Buying/building a house
- Using all of my homewares
- Setting up a home
- Getting pets
- Having a life with Jeff
- Starting a family

I’m so glad that I have a great life and that I also know that I have a great life ahead of me! And I can’t wait to look back in 40yrs time and look at all my photos and remember when I was young and writing a blog about how I have so much to look forward too.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Raining Again

This has been a week of rain and sickness. Both Jeff and I have been sick with a cold, Jeff is home from work at the moment as he’s not very well. There has also been quite a bit of flooding around my house and the local roads! It’s been great cuddling up in bed weather!!! Kitty has been enjoying all the attention she’s been getting since we haven’t gone out much.

After church on Sunday we went to Coolum to check out where Jeff’s brother and his partner are planning on getting married and having their reception. They want the ceremony outside near the beach which is so beautiful. And their venue is on the rooftop of a hotel with STUNNING views as you can see in the picture!

Of course lots of wedding plans where tossed around that day which got Jeff and I thinking about what we want. Gardens, churches, flowers, colours, cars, dresses, rings, travel etc etc… what to have!!!! I’ve collected a few pictures of things I really like. We’ve also been discussing houses and loans. At the moment we have decided that we want to buy a piece of land and build a small house that we could later extend. I found a gorgeous place in Mooloolah called Songbird Place. I LOVE the name and what a fantastic address. We are also considering the idea of getting a loan before we are married and beginning to pay it off early but for now its just saving, saving, saving!

On the diamond front, we’ve not looked much more but are planning on heading down to Brisbane at some point to have a look around and I’m hoping some friends might come too!!! Oh and we found our knife set online for 50% off!!!!