Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thoughts and Prayers

As of late a lot of people have been asking me when Jeff and i will be getting engaged/married! Of course we want to get married however we want this to happen in God's time not ours! The other night we had a huge discussion about when we should get engaged and following that, when we should actually get married. There have been some things which I wouldn't say 'stand in the way' but more have to be decided on. Some of these included the church we will go too, where we will live, how we will use our money (loans, pets, rent etc), when Jeff will go to police training, how long we will wait to get married, how much money we want to start off with etc etc etc. Now I'm not the sort of person to leave things to chance so i want these discussed before hand! We've now made most of our decisions and I am more than happy with them and in others we are working towards them.

When I was first facing making some of these decisions I felt completely overwhelmed and just didn't want to think about it. But with God in my life these things have been SOOO much easier than I thought and Jeff has been very supportive and understanding especially of the fact that i'm a female and don't really know what i want!!!!!

But for now, I would like to ask everyone who reads this blog to keep Jeff and I in your prayers. Pray for God's divine plan to unfold for us in His time and that we will know for certain when to get engaged and when to get married.


Rachel. said...

Will definitly be praying for you!

If God is for you...who can be against you! It will all work out fantastically!

T'lia said...

Luke and I will definitely pray for you!!! You two deserve all the happiness in the world!