Monday, May 12, 2008

Something Great about being a Christian!

There are SOOO many great things about being a christian like having the love of God everyday of your life but one thing I have recently expereince is the amazing love of others. I'm not saying that only Christians can show this sort of love but this is just the love I have seen this week.

Luke and Talia have recently moved out of the first place they lived at as a married couple and have move into their newly built house! However both of them are very busy people and moving/cleaning is a huge job! So they asked their friends to help moved and clean!

Now giving a gift is a lovely thing to do, it can brighten up a person's day or let them know you care for them! But giving up you're time is one of those things that doesn't cost money but shows just how GREAT your love is for a person. Aaron, Rachel, Jordan, Pete, Kathryn, Jeffrey and myself all helped out with moving and cleaning for Talia and Luke and I just thought this was such a special thing. And it just showed me how wonderful the love of people can be, especially those who have put their trust in God! It's also wonderful to know that the support of the friends that I have is HUGE and I am never without a helping hand if I just ask! Check out a few pictures here.

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T'lia said...

And let me tell you what, we very much appreciate it!!

You are all such life savers!