Monday, May 12, 2008

Rachel's 21st

Today is Rachel West's 21st YAY!!!! And myself, Hollie and Aaron organised a special 21st party for her! We used the church and had a formal night complete with candles and fairylights!!!! We kept it a suprise (she didn't figure out too much) and invited alone all her friends!

Hollie and myself had alot of fun setting up all day and figuring out how we wanted the room to look! It was also great being able to dress up and I'm pretty sure Rachel had a very special night! We also organise a suprise breakfast with all her close friends on the morning of the party as she had mentioned that she thought that would be nice!!!

Also to check out some pictures of Kevin and Jeff destorying and old laptop head this way...


T'lia said...

It was an excellent night! Congratulations on some great organising Carms!

Rachel. said...

I really really enjoyed it! I apprieciate you guys so much! You are the best friend I could ever have!