Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Interests

I've been thinking about doing some scrapbooking for a while now and today Jeff took me to the craft shop to buy some goodies to get it started YAY! Because I've been making cards for a little while I've been collected a bit of craft stuff and started a box. So after my little spending spree today I now have a pretty pink album, lots of different papers, a variety of stickers, letters of all kinds, glitter glue, ribbon, gold and silve pens plus heaps of wrapping paper, bows and scraps of paper that I have collected! This album is going to be all about my life so far with lots of pictures, maybe stories, my interests, achievements etc! Than I might do one for Jeff and I! But we'll see how the first one goes.
I've been looking around for good scrapbooking stuff at cheap prices and have found Crazy Clarks to be good and some of the stuff on ebay it pretty good too!!! So if you like you're scrapbooking have a look in those places!!!

Also, Jeff has decided to learn how to do Calligraphy, which I think is great. Today he bought a book on how to do it and a little bottle of ink. My dad gave him some pens that mum used to use so that he can practice! Its looking great and I can't wait til he's a pro. AND also in other news, today Jeff's dad made us German Pancake. It was very different and really yummy. You have to make a pancake mixture which has 6 eggs in it and bake it in the oven for 20mins. It has to be eaten with icing sugar and maple syrup to make it taste SOOOO Yummy!

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T'lia said...

If you want to scrapbook one day then let me know!! I'd love to do some more. I am up to about the end of year 12 I guess. So I've got a lot more to fit into it!