Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Week in Photos

I thought it would be cool to tell you about my week in photos!!! So I've added an album on facebook of all the photos from my week. I'll just tell you about some! See if you can match them up as you go!

- I've been minding Jeff's GORGEOUS kittycat! I love her to bits
- Jeff has had quite a few late nights using my computer to finish off his assignments
- I'm addicted to Banana Bread!!!! I'm going to try to make some tonight
- I've been taking care to water my garden everyday, its growing!!!!
- I've been practice, practice, practicing my Queensland Cursive handwriting!!
- Scrapbooking is great for making birthday card... especially when you can sit in bed and do it.
- I want to get fit, so i've been trying out new outfits
- Pancakes are always fun to make
- Bowling with friend is fun fun fun!
- I've taught 2 days this week and even got a rose!!!
- Chris had his 19th birthday this week!!!!

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