Thursday, May 29, 2008

Diamonds are a girls best friend!

Tonight Jeff and I went to late night shopping at the plaza and I was mainly looking for homewares. I love them at the moment!!! We found a GREAT knife set that had 30% off it in Myer... we are still thinking about whether to buy it!!

But while heading into Target I looked in the jewelry shop and found a gorgeous ring!!!! Now Jeff and I aren't ready to get engaged just yet but I'm always willing to look at rings!! This one was beautiful, 18c white gold with a princess cut diamond wedding ring set! It was stunning! So Jeff went in to find out how much this beauty cost and just had to take me back to try it on! It really was lovely. Very similar to the picture!!

However we're going to explore other jewelry places along the way to try and find something a little cheaper! It was lovely though and very fun to try it on!!!! So thats my first engagement ring experience!!!!


Rachel. said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh How Exciting! So happy for you!

Talia said...

How can you say this is your first engagement ring experience???!!! What about when we saw the pink diamonds!!

Carmy14 said...

Oh thats true!!! And it was in the same shop tooo!!! I looked for pink diamonds but they didn't have any :( They were so pretty!!!!

Jeffrey said...

aaah yes but this is her first experience that is a serious situation, and not just window shopping.