Thursday, May 29, 2008

Diamonds are a girls best friend!

Tonight Jeff and I went to late night shopping at the plaza and I was mainly looking for homewares. I love them at the moment!!! We found a GREAT knife set that had 30% off it in Myer... we are still thinking about whether to buy it!!

But while heading into Target I looked in the jewelry shop and found a gorgeous ring!!!! Now Jeff and I aren't ready to get engaged just yet but I'm always willing to look at rings!! This one was beautiful, 18c white gold with a princess cut diamond wedding ring set! It was stunning! So Jeff went in to find out how much this beauty cost and just had to take me back to try it on! It really was lovely. Very similar to the picture!!

However we're going to explore other jewelry places along the way to try and find something a little cheaper! It was lovely though and very fun to try it on!!!! So thats my first engagement ring experience!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Interests

I've been thinking about doing some scrapbooking for a while now and today Jeff took me to the craft shop to buy some goodies to get it started YAY! Because I've been making cards for a little while I've been collected a bit of craft stuff and started a box. So after my little spending spree today I now have a pretty pink album, lots of different papers, a variety of stickers, letters of all kinds, glitter glue, ribbon, gold and silve pens plus heaps of wrapping paper, bows and scraps of paper that I have collected! This album is going to be all about my life so far with lots of pictures, maybe stories, my interests, achievements etc! Than I might do one for Jeff and I! But we'll see how the first one goes.
I've been looking around for good scrapbooking stuff at cheap prices and have found Crazy Clarks to be good and some of the stuff on ebay it pretty good too!!! So if you like you're scrapbooking have a look in those places!!!

Also, Jeff has decided to learn how to do Calligraphy, which I think is great. Today he bought a book on how to do it and a little bottle of ink. My dad gave him some pens that mum used to use so that he can practice! Its looking great and I can't wait til he's a pro. AND also in other news, today Jeff's dad made us German Pancake. It was very different and really yummy. You have to make a pancake mixture which has 6 eggs in it and bake it in the oven for 20mins. It has to be eaten with icing sugar and maple syrup to make it taste SOOOO Yummy!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekly Adventures

Last night Jeff told me that he's always tired even though for the past few nights he's been going to bed resonably early. I pointed out to him that he gets up early, work for 8hrs and either comes to my house and we do something or he goes to Tafe. Most people aren't ALWAYS doing something and I find that even I get tired a lot because we are always on the go! It means that life is never boring or dull!!!! These are a few of the things we did this week.

It was Hollie's 21st party - Cowboys and Indians!

We took the youth group Ice Skating on Friday night.

Also this week my vege garden has grown a little taller!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Week in Photos

I thought it would be cool to tell you about my week in photos!!! So I've added an album on facebook of all the photos from my week. I'll just tell you about some! See if you can match them up as you go!

- I've been minding Jeff's GORGEOUS kittycat! I love her to bits
- Jeff has had quite a few late nights using my computer to finish off his assignments
- I'm addicted to Banana Bread!!!! I'm going to try to make some tonight
- I've been taking care to water my garden everyday, its growing!!!!
- I've been practice, practice, practicing my Queensland Cursive handwriting!!
- Scrapbooking is great for making birthday card... especially when you can sit in bed and do it.
- I want to get fit, so i've been trying out new outfits
- Pancakes are always fun to make
- Bowling with friend is fun fun fun!
- I've taught 2 days this week and even got a rose!!!
- Chris had his 19th birthday this week!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thoughts and Prayers

As of late a lot of people have been asking me when Jeff and i will be getting engaged/married! Of course we want to get married however we want this to happen in God's time not ours! The other night we had a huge discussion about when we should get engaged and following that, when we should actually get married. There have been some things which I wouldn't say 'stand in the way' but more have to be decided on. Some of these included the church we will go too, where we will live, how we will use our money (loans, pets, rent etc), when Jeff will go to police training, how long we will wait to get married, how much money we want to start off with etc etc etc. Now I'm not the sort of person to leave things to chance so i want these discussed before hand! We've now made most of our decisions and I am more than happy with them and in others we are working towards them.

When I was first facing making some of these decisions I felt completely overwhelmed and just didn't want to think about it. But with God in my life these things have been SOOO much easier than I thought and Jeff has been very supportive and understanding especially of the fact that i'm a female and don't really know what i want!!!!!

But for now, I would like to ask everyone who reads this blog to keep Jeff and I in your prayers. Pray for God's divine plan to unfold for us in His time and that we will know for certain when to get engaged and when to get married.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Rachel's 21st

Today is Rachel West's 21st YAY!!!! And myself, Hollie and Aaron organised a special 21st party for her! We used the church and had a formal night complete with candles and fairylights!!!! We kept it a suprise (she didn't figure out too much) and invited alone all her friends!

Hollie and myself had alot of fun setting up all day and figuring out how we wanted the room to look! It was also great being able to dress up and I'm pretty sure Rachel had a very special night! We also organise a suprise breakfast with all her close friends on the morning of the party as she had mentioned that she thought that would be nice!!!

Also to check out some pictures of Kevin and Jeff destorying and old laptop head this way...

Something Great about being a Christian!

There are SOOO many great things about being a christian like having the love of God everyday of your life but one thing I have recently expereince is the amazing love of others. I'm not saying that only Christians can show this sort of love but this is just the love I have seen this week.

Luke and Talia have recently moved out of the first place they lived at as a married couple and have move into their newly built house! However both of them are very busy people and moving/cleaning is a huge job! So they asked their friends to help moved and clean!

Now giving a gift is a lovely thing to do, it can brighten up a person's day or let them know you care for them! But giving up you're time is one of those things that doesn't cost money but shows just how GREAT your love is for a person. Aaron, Rachel, Jordan, Pete, Kathryn, Jeffrey and myself all helped out with moving and cleaning for Talia and Luke and I just thought this was such a special thing. And it just showed me how wonderful the love of people can be, especially those who have put their trust in God! It's also wonderful to know that the support of the friends that I have is HUGE and I am never without a helping hand if I just ask! Check out a few pictures here.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


An update on my garden! I have just planted all of the seeds and seedlings at last!! My herb garden has been planted for a little longer so it seems to be settling well. This is what I'm growing.

Herb Garden
Parsley, Oregano, Chives and Basil
Vege Garden
Peas, Lettuce, Carrots, Parsnip, Spring Onion and Celery.

I'd like to grow other things but these are the only Autumn/winter vegetables I could plant at the moment. I'm also hoping to plant some pumpkins!!! But they take up a lot of room. So now I'm just watering every day and waiting for some action!!!!!

20 Days at School!

Today was my 20th day of being a REAL teacher! Over the past few months I have been doing supply and work has started to pick up for me. I've been getting quite a few calls to work which is fantastic! Single days or 2 - 3 days are brilliant as they are classified as 'Relief' days which means more pay. Long periods such as the 3 weeks I did with prep are just contracts which aren't as much money. Either way its work and I'm loving it!

So far I have taught Prep, Year 1/2 and year 6/7. To any 1st year teachers I would really recommend you did some supply as it really is a great way to learn. You get to teach a variety of year levels and have many different class types. I've had some really good classes and I've had some REALLY bad classes! Some of the biggest lessons I've learnt so far are

- The best way to speak to a whole class group (Slow down when you speak and be VERY clear)

- How to deal with 'situations' (Talk to all the children involved and ALWAYS try to get to the bottom of the problem.)

- How to deal with parents (don't take anything personally)

- Behaviour Management (there is just so much)

- Thinking on you're feet (always have an activity on hand)

- Stopping the class (Clapping, Simon Says, counting, folding arms, ringing a bell, 1,2,3 eyes on me ... etc)

- Voice Volume (don't speak loud EVER!!!!! Save your scary voice until you REALLY need it)

- Packing up (always takes a long time no matter how old they are)

- Stopping them talking (giving them warnings, names on the board, Taking away rewards etc)

However the biggest and most important lesson I have learnt is this. I am a first year teacher and I cannot expect to get it all right the first time. I am always learning... even from the mistakes. However I am NOT terrible at what I do and I need to reflect on both the good and bad. Staying positive is important and now and again you will see you're hard efforts pay off. Treasure those times!