Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vege Garden

Last week I did a little more teaching but unfortunately nothing else has come up. I guess that its okay because I'm still living at home but I'm saving for the future and its hard to do that without much money coming in! So because I know that one day in the future (not for some time yet) that Jeff and i will get married and already I can see that God is placing on my heart to be more of a 'house wife' than a career women... which is JUST fine with me. But to live on one person's pay in today's world would be very difficult. So I have been trying to think of ways to cut down the costs of living in practical ways.

One of these ideas is to have a vegetable garden and a herb garden. Now i have to tell u, my track record with living things isn't good. My plants ALWAYS die so this project will be a challenge. On the weekend Dad, Jeff and myself cleared out the weeds and old stuff in the vege patch and today dad and I are going to get some new, fresh dirty for the garden! I'm hoping to also get some seeds so I can start them growing! So I'll keep you updated on how its going. I'd add a picture but Jeff has my camera with him at work!!!!!

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