Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Today i was looking through everyones blogs as I always do and Rachel's Blog mentioned her being organised and liking to re-organise things. For some reason just reading this made me need to re-organise and tidy a whole heap of different things around the house. And as you can see I also played around with my blog and changed the way it looks. Its very pink now and I like it!

So I thought I'd use this blog to write down a few tips I have for staying organised around the house.
  • Don't let things get too messy or cleaning up will be a NIGHTMARE. If you don't have time to tidy than just try to make piles of things and keep them straight.

  • Keeping things straight is a GREAT way to keep areas tidy especially desks and items which you keep on the bench.

  • Don't buy things which you will not use because they will just end up being something you have to find a place for. ALSO never buy a large item unless you have a home for it. It will drive you crazy trying to find a place to keep it otherwise.

  • Plastic containers are brilliant, same with any kind of plastic storage. You can put things in to hide them away.

  • The coloured boxes you can get from Crazy Clarks are REALLY handy for storage and you can pick some lovely colours for the house. They are also cheap.

  • I used to get a build up of paper but now i have things such as a recipe book where I glue in anything that is really good and I also have a scrapbook for any artwork students do for me at school... i can't bear to throw out their hard work.

  • Labelling things is always handy such as kitchen ingrediences or folders of work however make sure that you can get the labels off as you might want to change them around one day.

  • Throwing things on the floor is a BIG no no! Clothes for example make a house look terrible so buy a dirty washing basket and keep them in that.

  • If you don't use it, don't keep it!!! Simple

  • You might like to hide things in draws and boxes but if you want to feel organised than its good to keep these places tidy as well. Or at least straighten them up.

  • Tapperware is a MUST for any house. You can put your left overs and cooking in these to eat later. But never keep it more than a week or you will fill up your fridge with old food AND i've found its best to have clear tapperware so you can see the food insde. You are more likely to eat it or use it.

  • When you go shopping, don't just buy things cause you 'think' you will need it. Try to plan ahead and check the cupboards first to see if you really need it. You will waste too much money otherwise.

These are just a few handy tips I've found out lately! But i'm a super organised person so some of these might be a bit too much for you! Also today I cleaned out my hardrive woohoo!


Jeffrey said...

"Let another man's lips praise thee and not thine own" and don't you know "pride cometh before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall."

hmmm if we have not the capacity to wake up every morning with a smile then perhaps this could be the reason we are more stressed throughout the day because we start the day on the wrong foot. Start the day depressed and it is so much more difficult to be calm and full of joy throughout the rest of the day.

Jeffrey said...

I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WAKE UP AND SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!