Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Morning Walks

For those of you who know me, you will realise that the mornings are NOT a very good time for me. The only time I'll get up before 9am is if I have to be somewhere like work, an appointment or for something that has been organised. I don't just 'wake up' early ever. Another important fact about me is that I'm not much into exercise. I wouldn't say i'm a lazy person but I just don't like sports, bush walking, swimming etc etc. I'd rather just live my life as it is and do lots of activities or jobs.

So it will come as a shock to you all that this morning Jeff came over and woke me up at 6:45am to go walking. Okay 6:45am for most people isn't THAT early but for me its very early. I had a quick shower to wake me up, got dressed and we drove out to the lodge. We took one of the owners dogs with us for a walk. He's a lovely, big dog and was willing to walk with us the whole way. Now i wouldn't say for our first morning of walking that we went really far but we did actually walk which was nice. We're going to try and change the places we walk so we get to see lots of nice stuff. We might even go to the beach one morning if Jeff agrees.

I must say that I really enjoyed it and feel great now. It was cold but we warmed up really fast. Now as I said in my last blog, Jeff is a very motivated person and informs me that we'll be walking every morning. I think I'll enjoy it but every morning will be a struggle to get out of bed. I figure even just a few mornings as week is good for me and also good for your spirit. The mornings are such a pretty time and really display God's wonderful creation.


Just as an extra add on here, I have to tell you all that Jeff has agreed to take me down to Queen St Mall on Saturday for some SERIOUS shopping! YAY, if i'm going to be getting fit (possibly) than i want some new clothes.


Anonymous said...

Bush walking is not a sport. That's a recreation

Anonymous said...

Oh and i really liked the blog by the way, I'm not sure I would like morning walks either!