Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I’m so proud of my boyfriend Jeff. He works for L. J Hooker and has just got his photo in the paper with the team at his store. This made me want to write a blog all about him. Some of you might not know a lot about him but hopefully after this you will know a little more and you will also know how much I love him.

Jeff is 23 this year and is interested in IT, Kung Fu, music, staying healthy and he is very devoted to God. He’s an extra special person because he is a twin which I think is just very cool!!! Jeff is a very self motivated person and also seems to be really good at motivating others around him. He loves electronic things and once informed me on the receiving of an I LOVE YOU balloon that ‘Thank you… boys like electronic things!, I thought this was really funny.

Jeff has his interest areas however he is always willing to learn about what others enjoy and will get into other peoples hobbies. For example I really like photography and he took me out one night to Maleny to take nighttime photos. He really got into this and helped me get some nice pictures. He also seems to be good at almost everything and anything he tries. Whether it be cooking, photo editing or training a pet, he is good at it. If he’s not than he won’t stop until he has conquered this new thing.

God is such an important part of Jeff’s life and he tries his very best to follow, listen and be guided by his Lord. He, like everyone else is not perfect and at times falls however I can imagine God in heaven looking down on him with a BIG smile knowing just how hard Jeff tries and how much faith he has that the Lord will bring him through everything.

Of course there are things about Jeff that sometimes frustrate me and when this happens he always reminds me that God is teaching me patience, tolerance and longsuffering. The mess that I find in his bedroom when I visit the house is so bad that I have learnt to just shut the door, his organization skills at home are less than perfect however at work he is the most organized out of them all…. Weird. He doesn’t like to be told what to do which can drive me crazy and drive him crazy. But I’m working on this one, ‘I am not a teacher at home, I am not a teacher at home!’

But what I especially LOVE about Jeff is that no matter how frustrated I get at him or however annoyed he feels at me, he will ALWAYS force me to talk it through so that I don’t brew over the issue, this way being cross at one another lasts a very short time. If you have never felt annoyed by your partner than you much be AMAZING!

I also must mention that Jeff is a very thoughtful person. Just last night alone I can count 3 incidences when he was willing to give up his time to try and help other people. I think this is something we all need to work on as it is what Jesus would do.

So I dedicate this blog to Jeffrey, for being such a loving boyfriend who is not perfect but always willing to work on himself and help me to grow. And I pray that he will continue to grow in God and as a person.

He left this comment on my previous blog and I feel that it is very fit for what I have just written.

Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips.
- Proverbs 27:2 -

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Jeffrey said...

Thankyou dear I love you very much