Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Miss Uni!

I know people who say that they really miss high school but that's really not me! I guess I kept to myself in high school and never deeply connected with people but uni is a very different story. I went to uni with some of the BEST people EVER! Rachel, Talia, Jordan, Katie and of course myself!

Talia just put up an album of photo's from our first year of uni and it really brought back the memories of those fantastic days that we all had together. There is a little bit of a story that leads up to these photo's which I am going to share.

I started my Bachelor of 'Learning Management' in 2005 at CQU on the Pomona campus... I wouldn't actually call it a campus because there isn't much more than a few rooms and some dirt carparks. Rachel, myself and Talia (I think) attended the study skills session like good little uni girls before the term started. Our first term involved being at lectures way before they started, signing in and out everyday and staying for the whole of lectures. I remember being at Nambour til 6pm one night when it was dark. We would take our own lunches and stay in the lecture rooms for lunch! We took notes and I think even had a few study sessions. We were 3 very good girls!!!!!!!!!

This leads me to the two lovely people that we met on the first day of uni. Out the front of the Pomona hall, under the trees we met Katie and Jordan. We chatted for a little bit and found out that they were both Christians. I don't think we thought much more of this. One day Talia and Rachel invited Jordan (Katie wasn't at lectures much) to sit with us. And as they say - the rest is history!
From than on we would skip lectures, leave half way through, eat chips in the park, do assignment together and just had an ABSOLUTE great time together! It wasn't uni that made for a good time, it was the people I got to spend it with and the fun and adventures we shared together. These are just some of the memories I have and loved

- Chips in the Pomona Park

- Assignment sessions that lead to very little work

- Chats about weddings

- Listening to Missy Higgins in Talia's car

- Crazy driving from Talia, Jordan, Rachel and Katie (The Bridge AND the Cherry Picker)

- Flicking counters around the math tut

- Escaping S.R literacy lectures after 20mins of being there

- Karl! We all had our own experiences

- First year Drama Lady lectures

- Jack getting out ... again

- HPE (Nightmare)

- Jack Johnson look-a-like

- Laughing. laughing, laughing

- Visual Impairment assignment that WAS THE BEST!

I know there is many, many more things! What a wonderful time of my life uni was and I actually miss it ALOT!!!!!!!!


Rachel. said...

I miss it too!

T'lia said...

I totally know what you mean!!

Jeffrey said...

the world wide web needs a carmy blog update

Anonymous said...

I don't like this, you make me sound like the villain!

I mean, after all it was Talia that lied to Susan!


I did not drive the slackness, as I recall your habits took a turn for the worse AGAINST my wishes

I was also a very competent driver
Although I don't remember it being the same for Katie and particularly Talia