Saturday, April 26, 2008

Carmy's Longest Day

ANZAC day was one of the longest and busiest days I've had in a very long time. It was also a really great day as well and I want to share with you what I got up to. I decided after teaching my kids at school about ANZAC day that I wanted to go to the dawn service, so at 3:30am Jeff and I headed off first to get Kevin than to Kings Beach for the service. It was super busy which was great to see that so many people would get up early to remember those who so bravely fought for us.

After the service Jeff, myself and Kevin went to Buderim for breakfast yum yum. Eggs on toast with fresh orange juice! By the time we finished it was about 8am and all three of us were quite tired. We went for a bit of a drive and checked out the Plaza which was closed :( We went back to kevin's and all fell asleep on the couch for a while.

For lunch Jeff and I headed off the Aaron and Rachel's. This involved me racing around before hand trying to figure out how to make a salad with no salads at home and no shop opened! I managed to make a potato salad quickly. Lunch was yummy and we played a little Wii as well than went shopping. I've been asking Jeff for ages to take me to Mooloolaba to shop and we did BUT i wasn't the one to buy lots of things, it was Jeff! He got some really nice jeans and shirts which I REALLY REALLY like! So we were both pleased.

At night time went went to the movies and the boys saw a 'boyish' movie and Rachel, Talia and myself saw Horten Hears a Who! It was pretty good but I was really tired and fell asleep a couple of times. However a very cute movie and we got cheap tickets YAY!!!! By this time I was soooooo tired so we had a quick dinner with Kevin at the beach and headed home.

Jeff had to do a little study so he sat at my desk while I was on my bed. He later informed me that I said 'Carmen is just going to have a little rest'...... the next thing I remember is it being 11:30am the next morning! What a big day!

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