Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vege Garden

Last week I did a little more teaching but unfortunately nothing else has come up. I guess that its okay because I'm still living at home but I'm saving for the future and its hard to do that without much money coming in! So because I know that one day in the future (not for some time yet) that Jeff and i will get married and already I can see that God is placing on my heart to be more of a 'house wife' than a career women... which is JUST fine with me. But to live on one person's pay in today's world would be very difficult. So I have been trying to think of ways to cut down the costs of living in practical ways.

One of these ideas is to have a vegetable garden and a herb garden. Now i have to tell u, my track record with living things isn't good. My plants ALWAYS die so this project will be a challenge. On the weekend Dad, Jeff and myself cleared out the weeds and old stuff in the vege patch and today dad and I are going to get some new, fresh dirty for the garden! I'm hoping to also get some seeds so I can start them growing! So I'll keep you updated on how its going. I'd add a picture but Jeff has my camera with him at work!!!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Carmy's Longest Day

ANZAC day was one of the longest and busiest days I've had in a very long time. It was also a really great day as well and I want to share with you what I got up to. I decided after teaching my kids at school about ANZAC day that I wanted to go to the dawn service, so at 3:30am Jeff and I headed off first to get Kevin than to Kings Beach for the service. It was super busy which was great to see that so many people would get up early to remember those who so bravely fought for us.

After the service Jeff, myself and Kevin went to Buderim for breakfast yum yum. Eggs on toast with fresh orange juice! By the time we finished it was about 8am and all three of us were quite tired. We went for a bit of a drive and checked out the Plaza which was closed :( We went back to kevin's and all fell asleep on the couch for a while.

For lunch Jeff and I headed off the Aaron and Rachel's. This involved me racing around before hand trying to figure out how to make a salad with no salads at home and no shop opened! I managed to make a potato salad quickly. Lunch was yummy and we played a little Wii as well than went shopping. I've been asking Jeff for ages to take me to Mooloolaba to shop and we did BUT i wasn't the one to buy lots of things, it was Jeff! He got some really nice jeans and shirts which I REALLY REALLY like! So we were both pleased.

At night time went went to the movies and the boys saw a 'boyish' movie and Rachel, Talia and myself saw Horten Hears a Who! It was pretty good but I was really tired and fell asleep a couple of times. However a very cute movie and we got cheap tickets YAY!!!! By this time I was soooooo tired so we had a quick dinner with Kevin at the beach and headed home.

Jeff had to do a little study so he sat at my desk while I was on my bed. He later informed me that I said 'Carmen is just going to have a little rest'...... the next thing I remember is it being 11:30am the next morning! What a big day!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Miss Uni!

I know people who say that they really miss high school but that's really not me! I guess I kept to myself in high school and never deeply connected with people but uni is a very different story. I went to uni with some of the BEST people EVER! Rachel, Talia, Jordan, Katie and of course myself!

Talia just put up an album of photo's from our first year of uni and it really brought back the memories of those fantastic days that we all had together. There is a little bit of a story that leads up to these photo's which I am going to share.

I started my Bachelor of 'Learning Management' in 2005 at CQU on the Pomona campus... I wouldn't actually call it a campus because there isn't much more than a few rooms and some dirt carparks. Rachel, myself and Talia (I think) attended the study skills session like good little uni girls before the term started. Our first term involved being at lectures way before they started, signing in and out everyday and staying for the whole of lectures. I remember being at Nambour til 6pm one night when it was dark. We would take our own lunches and stay in the lecture rooms for lunch! We took notes and I think even had a few study sessions. We were 3 very good girls!!!!!!!!!

This leads me to the two lovely people that we met on the first day of uni. Out the front of the Pomona hall, under the trees we met Katie and Jordan. We chatted for a little bit and found out that they were both Christians. I don't think we thought much more of this. One day Talia and Rachel invited Jordan (Katie wasn't at lectures much) to sit with us. And as they say - the rest is history!
From than on we would skip lectures, leave half way through, eat chips in the park, do assignment together and just had an ABSOLUTE great time together! It wasn't uni that made for a good time, it was the people I got to spend it with and the fun and adventures we shared together. These are just some of the memories I have and loved

- Chips in the Pomona Park

- Assignment sessions that lead to very little work

- Chats about weddings

- Listening to Missy Higgins in Talia's car

- Crazy driving from Talia, Jordan, Rachel and Katie (The Bridge AND the Cherry Picker)

- Flicking counters around the math tut

- Escaping S.R literacy lectures after 20mins of being there

- Karl! We all had our own experiences

- First year Drama Lady lectures

- Jack getting out ... again

- HPE (Nightmare)

- Jack Johnson look-a-like

- Laughing. laughing, laughing

- Visual Impairment assignment that WAS THE BEST!

I know there is many, many more things! What a wonderful time of my life uni was and I actually miss it ALOT!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Special things for Special People

Last week Jeff and I decide that we would start doing one extra special thing for each other each week! It doesn't have to cost alot OR anything at all but has to be from the heart. This showed both of us that not only do we love one another but that we are willing to put our time and effort into making each other feel loved.

So last Thursday morning Jeff was staying over for the night. I got up at 6am and cooked him a really big hot breakfast (strictly no meat!) He was so suprised and it really made his day. Especially since we got to sit together over breakfast and neither of us had to rush off.

Yesterday I started my contract teaching Year 1/2 at Beerwah and I didn't get to see Jeff before i left as he was at home. When I got home I found a bunch of flowers at my computer table from him and I thought that was just so sweet. After a while I went upto my room and on my desk I found a cute kitty card, a bunch of roses, rose petals and a pretend yellow rose. I also found a balloon stuck down the side of my bed that says 'You're Special'. I really was speechless. It was really so lovely.

It's the small things that really matter.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A world of Busyness!

As usually I have been very busy lately and I don't even have a full time job!!!! I think that I need to buy a diary so I can keep track of where I am and when because sometimes I feel mightly confused. This has been my week

Saturday/Sunday - Went shopping with Ash and Jeff all day. At night we decided to cook her family dinner and go to the lookouts. Since it was really late we stayed the night and did a bit more shopping the next day. That night Jeffo and I did a bible study and went out for coffee with everyone.
Monday - Spent the day with Rachel and Jordan. We had a GREAT breakfast yum yum. I bought a brand new handbag since my pussy cat one broke. I love it and its very big and useful. At night I went out for dinner with Rachael Watson and her family from Scotland to the Beerwah Pub. We had a great night.

Tuesday - In the night time I went around to Jeff's mum's house for dinner for a chinese night. The food was super yummy and I've been really enjoying spending time with his family. I even got to see the pussy cat YAY!

Wednesday - I cooked one of my favourite salads (pumkin, spinage, fetta, pine nuts with Balsamic) for our UNI GANG bbq. Katie and Alex were back for the visit which was fantastic. We had a great catch up and I really enjoyed the night.

Thursday - I was so tired that I slept most of the day. That night Jeff and I went to the plaza with Kevin and did some shopping, had dinner, saw a movie and than the boys had a bit of a chat about their business idea.

Friday - Since Jeff stayed over the night I suprised him with a hot breakfast that I got up at 6:30am to make. After that I couldn't sleep so I stayed up and did my washing, wrote this blog and did some cooking. Tonight myself, my family and Jeff are going to the Buchanan's for dinner so i'm making yummy food to take!

I've been busy and I'm teaching next week YAY! And in other news Jordan and I are singing on the 24th of may and we need a list of nice christian or non-christain songs to sing. Mostly positive ones. So if you can think of anything nice than please comment back.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Morning Walks

For those of you who know me, you will realise that the mornings are NOT a very good time for me. The only time I'll get up before 9am is if I have to be somewhere like work, an appointment or for something that has been organised. I don't just 'wake up' early ever. Another important fact about me is that I'm not much into exercise. I wouldn't say i'm a lazy person but I just don't like sports, bush walking, swimming etc etc. I'd rather just live my life as it is and do lots of activities or jobs.

So it will come as a shock to you all that this morning Jeff came over and woke me up at 6:45am to go walking. Okay 6:45am for most people isn't THAT early but for me its very early. I had a quick shower to wake me up, got dressed and we drove out to the lodge. We took one of the owners dogs with us for a walk. He's a lovely, big dog and was willing to walk with us the whole way. Now i wouldn't say for our first morning of walking that we went really far but we did actually walk which was nice. We're going to try and change the places we walk so we get to see lots of nice stuff. We might even go to the beach one morning if Jeff agrees.

I must say that I really enjoyed it and feel great now. It was cold but we warmed up really fast. Now as I said in my last blog, Jeff is a very motivated person and informs me that we'll be walking every morning. I think I'll enjoy it but every morning will be a struggle to get out of bed. I figure even just a few mornings as week is good for me and also good for your spirit. The mornings are such a pretty time and really display God's wonderful creation.


Just as an extra add on here, I have to tell you all that Jeff has agreed to take me down to Queen St Mall on Saturday for some SERIOUS shopping! YAY, if i'm going to be getting fit (possibly) than i want some new clothes.


I’m so proud of my boyfriend Jeff. He works for L. J Hooker and has just got his photo in the paper with the team at his store. This made me want to write a blog all about him. Some of you might not know a lot about him but hopefully after this you will know a little more and you will also know how much I love him.

Jeff is 23 this year and is interested in IT, Kung Fu, music, staying healthy and he is very devoted to God. He’s an extra special person because he is a twin which I think is just very cool!!! Jeff is a very self motivated person and also seems to be really good at motivating others around him. He loves electronic things and once informed me on the receiving of an I LOVE YOU balloon that ‘Thank you… boys like electronic things!, I thought this was really funny.

Jeff has his interest areas however he is always willing to learn about what others enjoy and will get into other peoples hobbies. For example I really like photography and he took me out one night to Maleny to take nighttime photos. He really got into this and helped me get some nice pictures. He also seems to be good at almost everything and anything he tries. Whether it be cooking, photo editing or training a pet, he is good at it. If he’s not than he won’t stop until he has conquered this new thing.

God is such an important part of Jeff’s life and he tries his very best to follow, listen and be guided by his Lord. He, like everyone else is not perfect and at times falls however I can imagine God in heaven looking down on him with a BIG smile knowing just how hard Jeff tries and how much faith he has that the Lord will bring him through everything.

Of course there are things about Jeff that sometimes frustrate me and when this happens he always reminds me that God is teaching me patience, tolerance and longsuffering. The mess that I find in his bedroom when I visit the house is so bad that I have learnt to just shut the door, his organization skills at home are less than perfect however at work he is the most organized out of them all…. Weird. He doesn’t like to be told what to do which can drive me crazy and drive him crazy. But I’m working on this one, ‘I am not a teacher at home, I am not a teacher at home!’

But what I especially LOVE about Jeff is that no matter how frustrated I get at him or however annoyed he feels at me, he will ALWAYS force me to talk it through so that I don’t brew over the issue, this way being cross at one another lasts a very short time. If you have never felt annoyed by your partner than you much be AMAZING!

I also must mention that Jeff is a very thoughtful person. Just last night alone I can count 3 incidences when he was willing to give up his time to try and help other people. I think this is something we all need to work on as it is what Jesus would do.

So I dedicate this blog to Jeffrey, for being such a loving boyfriend who is not perfect but always willing to work on himself and help me to grow. And I pray that he will continue to grow in God and as a person.

He left this comment on my previous blog and I feel that it is very fit for what I have just written.

Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips.
- Proverbs 27:2 -

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Today i was looking through everyones blogs as I always do and Rachel's Blog mentioned her being organised and liking to re-organise things. For some reason just reading this made me need to re-organise and tidy a whole heap of different things around the house. And as you can see I also played around with my blog and changed the way it looks. Its very pink now and I like it!

So I thought I'd use this blog to write down a few tips I have for staying organised around the house.
  • Don't let things get too messy or cleaning up will be a NIGHTMARE. If you don't have time to tidy than just try to make piles of things and keep them straight.

  • Keeping things straight is a GREAT way to keep areas tidy especially desks and items which you keep on the bench.

  • Don't buy things which you will not use because they will just end up being something you have to find a place for. ALSO never buy a large item unless you have a home for it. It will drive you crazy trying to find a place to keep it otherwise.

  • Plastic containers are brilliant, same with any kind of plastic storage. You can put things in to hide them away.

  • The coloured boxes you can get from Crazy Clarks are REALLY handy for storage and you can pick some lovely colours for the house. They are also cheap.

  • I used to get a build up of paper but now i have things such as a recipe book where I glue in anything that is really good and I also have a scrapbook for any artwork students do for me at school... i can't bear to throw out their hard work.

  • Labelling things is always handy such as kitchen ingrediences or folders of work however make sure that you can get the labels off as you might want to change them around one day.

  • Throwing things on the floor is a BIG no no! Clothes for example make a house look terrible so buy a dirty washing basket and keep them in that.

  • If you don't use it, don't keep it!!! Simple

  • You might like to hide things in draws and boxes but if you want to feel organised than its good to keep these places tidy as well. Or at least straighten them up.

  • Tapperware is a MUST for any house. You can put your left overs and cooking in these to eat later. But never keep it more than a week or you will fill up your fridge with old food AND i've found its best to have clear tapperware so you can see the food insde. You are more likely to eat it or use it.

  • When you go shopping, don't just buy things cause you 'think' you will need it. Try to plan ahead and check the cupboards first to see if you really need it. You will waste too much money otherwise.

These are just a few handy tips I've found out lately! But i'm a super organised person so some of these might be a bit too much for you! Also today I cleaned out my hardrive woohoo!