Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You know you're getting old when...

I don't know if these are the same for other people but they are very true for me. I realised that I'm getting old because of these things.
  • Eating chocolate doesn't get rid of my headaches, it makes them worse
  • I wake up before my alarm clock OR i wake up when I usually do each morning
  • Wearing high heels seems like such an effort
  • I want to watch the news
  • I try to prevent getting sick so I can keep going to work rather than have a sick day
  • I think about the best way to hang my washing so it doesn't need to be ironed
  • Staying out past 10:30pm seems so much more difficult and I just want to go home to bed
  • Buying something means thinking about whether it will be useful or if it will just take up space.
  • Thinking about interest rates, loans and buying houses
  • I cannot eat packets of chips
  • I think about what to make for the lunch the next day while I'm eating lunch
  • I discuss the sugar content in Breakfast cerials
  • Buying cheese is much harder. Is it cheaper to get it grated or in a block

Thats all I can think of at the moment but I'm pretty sure I have more. In other news I finish up at B.S.S tomorrow and I have a new contract still at that school only teaching Yr 2 for 5 days woohoo!!! Hopefully I'll have pictures of the Easter Bunny hunt tomorrow.


T'lia said...

I LOve this!! IT is SO true. Especially the cheese part, which made me laugh a LOT.

Rachel. said...

It is DEFINITLY more exensive shredded! But you just have to weigh up whether the convienience is worth it. It was for me this week!

Just wait until you get married. Then you will start to feel really old!