Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our Rights

I read a bible verse tonight that really made me think. You know those ‘deep’ moments when things just click? Here is the verse

Galatians 5:22-23
But the fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith and meekness.

Okay so you’ve read and heard that particular verse lots of times and I bet you are thinking of how you do each of those things but also how you don’t do some of them. Well it really made me stop and think that in general people are far too concerned about ‘their rights’. In some cases we do have rights and we should stand up for them however sometimes I find that people use ‘their rights’ as a way to get their own way. I know that is a little controversial but look at the verse above because I don’t think its suggesting that we think of ourselves as much as we seem to be. The one that really gets me is ‘longsuffering’. Ever had to deal with something that you didn’t enjoy, had to keep your mouth shut even when you wanted to say something or went along with someone’s idea even when you knew it would not work out? These are all ways to show you are longsuffering which goes against the idea of ‘our rights’. Sometimes we have to put aside what is important for ‘us’ and just do whatever it is without compliant.

That’s not to say that if you KNOW that something is not right that you should just sit back and take it. But I think that we need to begin to think about what is really important and what is not. I heard at uni once about an idea to teach children about what is a ‘big deal’ and what is not. You draw a thermometer on the board from zero up to ten. Give students some different scenarios and place them on the board as to where they would sit with importance – 10 being the worst. Sometimes (especially in teaching) I wish that I could use this idea with people so they understand that their complaints are not so bad after all.

I had a parent come in and complain that myself and all of the teacher aids had been spelling her sons name wrong. Fair enough but he had the same name as another boy in the class only spelt differently. For example one person was Rachel and the other was Rachael. If it had been happening all year than maybe it might be a small problem but after me being in the classroom for 1 week I found it a bit much to take.

So next time you feel hard done by and want to ‘plead your case’ sit back and think are you being longsuffering or are you being a ‘whinge bag’. Remember that these qualities above are those which Jesus had and wishes you to develop. And just to be clear, this blog is not having a go at anyone in fact it’s more directed at me because I am a ‘whinge bag’ all the time. Just thought you might like to know my thoughts at the moment.
Have a lovely Easter

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Bekky Nixon said...

This is so true!
People really don't understand God's love... they don't understand how one could love somebody who has done them wrong, but you can. I do! Won't name names... :P but it's in God that we can love them, we can't do it without His help. That's how we lay down our rights!
In fact, God says that we are to "plead our case" to Him, and He'll sort it out.
Great post Carmy! :D