Monday, March 31, 2008


This is just an update on my life at the moment! Things have been quite busy and hectic around here. I never thought that having an extra person in my life would cause me to be SOOOO busy but it really has. It's really great and I've been getting to know Jeff's family a whole lot better. For Easter Monday we went out for breakfast at a lovely placed called 'Cafe Envy'. I LOVE IT and i want to take as many people their as possible, yum yum! And last night I went over to his Mum's place for dinner which was super yummmmyyy!!!!

I haven't been teaching for the last 2 weeks but last week I stayed at Jeff's place with his friend and his girlfriend which meant lots of cooking, cleaning and coming backwards and forwards from home. This week has calmed down alot more as I'm home now and have lots of jobs to get done.

In general life is great but busy! I've been quite sick for the past week with an ear, throat and tooth being infected and very painful. I've also had the flu!

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Rachel. said...

I like the new look!